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  • Mizzou101
    started a topic Voltage Fluctuation

    Voltage Fluctuation

    I have a 2012 X-45. I'm noticing a voltage fluctuation between 13.7 and 14.2 on the digital voltage readout. Is this fluctuation normal? I don't recall this in the past. I know that my batteries are probably on their last leg, but isn't voltage while the engine is running controlled by the alternator?...
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  • Island Jim
    started a topic Battery Reverse Polarity

    Battery Reverse Polarity

    Okay - I am starting to realize I shouldn't try to use the forum or wrench on my boat....I originally put this in the Forum Help section. Sorry guys - I promise I'll get better. Below is what I had originally posted....sincerely appreciate all the help you can offer the noob.

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  • Battery Reverse Polarity

    Sorry - wrong forum
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  • sereino11
    started a topic No electric coming on

    No electric coming on

    Ok so I hooked the battery cables up on the stereo and ballast battery wrong bc the + cap was on wrong terminal. Boat started and ran fine bc other battery powered it I assume. However when battery power switch was turned to combine batteries something blow behind switch by the voltage sensitivity...
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  • JDR
    started a topic 1996 alternator

    1996 alternator

    Hey guys,

    I’m hoping someone can help me out and let me know what alternator I need for my 1996 Mastercraft ProStar 205 with an indmar 5.7L.

    Any help is appreciated thanks!
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  • redac7
    started a topic Possible Electrical issue

    Possible Electrical issue

    I'm seeing the following symptoms when I'm running my 2005 Mastercraft X10 where if I'm doing something like driving down the lake and pumping water in/out ballast tanks with the radio running then the depth finder starts blinking and acting like it is not working. It seems like when I have the boat...
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  • roger2700
    started a topic Red Jumper on Circuit Breaker bus 87 ps190

    Red Jumper on Circuit Breaker bus 87 ps190

    I have been chasing a 2.5 V voltage drop at coil with ignition in RUN so I am trying to map wires and read many posts but do not see any discussion on this topic.
    I have seen 2 pics in these forums related to different issues that show a red jumper wire from orange (alternator) to red (battery)....
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  • ebraun
    started a topic Low Voltage Alarm - '05 197 w/MCX Motor

    Low Voltage Alarm - '05 197 w/MCX Motor

    New to TT... need guidance.

    Purchased an '05 197 with MCX motor this year. Recently had a low voltage alarm so I put a new battery in the boat (bluetop optima). I'm hoping this solved the problem because the old battery was junk (7.8v after pulling). However, before I leave for the long...
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  • Starter Solenoid - Cracked plastic near terminals

    As part of upgrading the wire between my alternator and starter, I tightened the starter positive lead jussssssttt a little too tight and heard a crack.

    I backed the nut off just a bit and confirmed that the plastic casing between the leads and the solenoid body had cracked.

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  • LTR 330HP - New serpentine belt is really tight

    I replaced the alternator and serpentine belt on my 2000 X-Star LTR

    The alternator casing/posts are the same size, but the serpentine belt was pretty hard to get on. I ordered the OEM replacement belt from Bakes:
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  • 98 ProStar Radio Turning Off & On When Pushing Throttle

    I'm wondering if anyone has had issues with their radio turning off and back on when pushing the throttle. Poking around a little I think it could be two things; A loose wire/ground or the alternator regulator is going bad. Please let me know if anyone has any insight.
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  • Cc4me
    started a topic 2014 X10 Alternator fried while on water

    2014 X10 Alternator fried while on water

    So we decided to go out in the boat yesterday for a cruise. I went to crank the boat and only have 9.6 volts on the main battery. I wasn't surprised as that interstate battery has not been great. I flip the perko switch to include the house battery as well. My voltage registers at 11 now. I thought...
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  • Mattymillz12
    started a topic Low voltage warning help!!!!

    Low voltage warning help!!!!

    Hey guys, I know this topic is beat to death but I really need some help. Last year my 06 x star threw a bunch of low voltage warnings. We replaced the alternator and problem solved. However water was left on the alternator and most likely ruined it (don't know yet because I can't start it until later...
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  • Batteries Draining Quickly - Check Alternator?

    I have a two battery setup with a Perko switch. My usual operation is to use battery 1 for normal cruising, then switch to battery 2 when anchored. Recently my cranking battery (#1) has been draining very quickly to the point that voltage alarm goes off. I switch to deep cycle (#2) and then it drains...
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  • dkuntz
    started a topic Bigger Alternator

    Bigger Alternator

    Looking for a recommendation on where to purchase a larger alternator for my '05 X-Star. Had a custom one built on last boat and proved to be pain in the *** to get the kinks worked out. Just was a strait up replacement plug and play kind of deal.
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