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  • brutschm
    started a topic Klipsch KMC1PA Sub Amp

    Klipsch KMC1PA Sub Amp


    I bought this amp from Ryan S. - it was a take out of his X24. output wires were cut at base so I had to solder on new wires. I've never used the amp so I can't certify it works, but I also bought an 8ch at the same time that works perfectly, so I can only assume the same for...
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  • Klipsch 5 ch. KMC5PA & Harness

    KMC5PA - Advanced Audio amp for bow, cabin, and sub. Works perfect. Comes with the factory harness to connect the amp to the boat wiring harness.

    $300 - buyer pays shipping....
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  • EricX15
    started a topic X15 Stereo has power but no sound

    X15 Stereo has power but no sound

    2008 X15. Clarion deck. Tower speakers & sub.

    Had some battery issues and now my stereo doesn’t work.

    Receiver/head unit has power. Amp doesn’t appear to have power. Wondering what the next steps are?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  • derfsaint
    started a topic 2007 X2 Audio and Amp settings

    2007 X2 Audio and Amp settings

    I have great sound and volume coming from my cabin speakers. But my Sub and tower speakers sound like they are putting out 1/3 of the decibels.

    I looked at the two amps settings and you can see a similar amount of comprehension on a dog's face when it looks at an Iphone. I swear those...
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  • For sale JL audio M200/2 and M700/5

    The stock amps in my '13 X25 are the JL Audio M200/2 and the JL Audio M700/5. These amps are both for sale! They work and look perfect! Pristine condition. The face plates are off to show the pictures of the model, but they are present and in perfect condition! I am upgrading my stereo and no longer...
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  • mcerick
    started a topic new audio

    new audio

    currently have 4 JL mx 650's in the pro star right now with a kenwood head unit but am looking to get a sub and amp but not sure where to go from here I really like my music and I want it to sound good so im willing to pay a little more for better quality. Any advice would be greatly appr...
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  • cdevro
    started a topic X2 08 Electrical ghost Wake plate,blower, amp

    X2 08 Electrical ghost Wake plate,blower, amp

    Ok. I need some help, this one has me going crazy. Took the boat out on the lake the other day and noticed a high pitch noise from the speakers. My large JL amp had the red protection light on. Ok seems logical that its time to replace it. I disconnected the power/ remote and the ground wires just in...
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  • LittleFuss
    started a topic I need some stereo advice

    I need some stereo advice

    I have a 2004 X30.

    I just upgraded the tower speakers. It had 4 speaker fiberglass box that housed 2 MB Quart 6.5s and 2 Selenium Horn speakers. They were crap.

    I put in the Kicker KM6500.2 set in last night. It has 2 KM6500s and 2 KM6500.2 Horns.

    In addition...
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  • Wet Sounds tower speakers and amp

    I have a Wet Sounds Pro 485, (2) Pro 60s, and a Syn 6 amp to push them for sale. These speakers have two 1/2 seasons on them i.e. 1 full season of use. I had a problem with the amp and sent it back to Wet Sounds. They just sent me another one back last week, so this amp has no playtime on it since...
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  • cal2vin
    started a topic Amount of amps my batteries can handle??

    Amount of amps my batteries can handle??

    I have an '08 x2 with the stock stereo and battery except I added a 10 inch sub with a 250 watt soundstorm amp (cheap). The stock amps and speakers are two jl tower speakers powered by a JL M2150. Then the in boat speakers and stock 10 inch sub are powered by the stock 6 channel JL amp. Im thinking...
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    started a topic Alternator Question

    Alternator Question

    So, I bought a 140 amp Delco Marine alternator to run my stereo and the place that I bought it from (DB Electrical) explained to me which wires went where and I proceeded to install it. Once I got it installed I tested it and it is not charging. Not wanting to ruin my weekend on the lake I hook my old...
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  • What To Power Wetsounds Pro 80's With?

    How do you all power your Wetsounds Pro 80's. I bought a Cadence Amp that is 300 x 2 (at 4 ohms) but I'm having second thoughts. I sort of want to power my WETSOUNDS with a better brand name amplifier. Not sure how much difference brand name makes. Someone help me out!

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