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  • bmorj
    started a topic 2017 X-23 ballast pump issue

    2017 X-23 ballast pump issue

    I recently replaced the impellers on my boat and now they are not filling the ballast bags in the rear. The impellers are in the right way along with the O-rings. I also tested them right after I did the install to set the timers correctly. The motors are working and running. I even removed the cover...
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  • Dillongoetz35
    started a topic Ballast for a 2000 X Star

    Ballast for a 2000 X Star

    I was looking for some advice for the 2000 MasterCraft X Star we just purchased. We have the center ballast tank but no additional ballast for our boat. I was looking to surf and wakeboard behind our boat. Do you have any suggested or proven to work ballast set ups for a 2000 X Star? I am also hoping...
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  • dodwellleung
    started a topic 2008 X45 piggyback ballast upgrade questions

    2008 X45 piggyback ballast upgrade questions

    I have just installed the wakemaker piggyback ballast upgrade for the rear lockers. Firstly, I would like to invite comments on the correctness of the connection of hoses (as shown in photos with coloured green and coloured red numbering attached). The Green Number 1 is connected to the original hard...
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  • TomJ
    started a topic 2016 X30 adding more than factory ballast

    2016 X30 adding more than factory ballast

    I currently have a 2016 x30 I love it. I would like to increase the ballast, front and rear. Currently, I have add-on bags that came from the factory. Has anybody done this on the x30? Wouldn't mind putting in faster pumps as well. I welcome any comments relating to this subject thank you.
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  • maxprentis
    started a topic Just bought an NXT20

    Just bought an NXT20

    So I just bought my first ever Mastercraft after a long time of coveting. I got a used 2015 NXT20 with all of the packages for a great price. The dealer said the previous owner was very weird and a cheapskate. It has the surf package, but he took the extra ballast bags out before selling to the dealer....
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  • Fat Sacs 400 lbs (2), Fat Brick, Tsunami Pump

    I am selling my boat and am parting out with all the accessories. For sale are two V-Drive fat sacs 40"x16"x16" weighing in at 400 lbs each, the Fat Brick at 155 lbs, and the tsunami pump (1200 GPH). Signs of use are detectable but everything is fully functional. $300 OBO for the lot...
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  • kylewilson256
    started a topic Wakesurfing '09 X15

    Wakesurfing '09 X15

    I have a 2009 X-15, finally got to where I could surf without the rope, but the pocket seems very small and really close to the boat. Any suggestions? I'm about 6'3, 225 so a bigger guy. Have the boat with the rear port full, rear starboard half full, KGB full, and a 750 across the Port side seats....
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  • aminetree
    started a topic 2011 X-35 Surfing

    2011 X-35 Surfing

    Looking for the best way to setup my newly acquired 2011 X-35 for wake surfing. After a little reading I've come down to the following:
    Go Surf Assist Kit: $4000
    Brackets for Swim Platform: $600
    Piggy back Rear 820 Ballast $620
    Is there a better way? Any...
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  • DJFiddler
    started a topic NXT22 Ballast

    NXT22 Ballast

    Hello, I just ordered a new 2018 NXT 22. Trying to figure out if I want to upgrade the ballast. Does anyone know what weight the rear bags are on the NXT22 Gen surf system? And does anyone know what size the rear compartments are, if I wanted to put bigger bags back there? Thanks
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  • Aizukovs
    started a topic 1988 Prostar 190 Weight

    1988 Prostar 190 Weight

    Hi Team,

    I have a 1988 Prostar 190. I understand that it isn't the ideal boat for a large wake, however we're not pros and we're learning how to surf, and this boat is what I got, so I'm going to try and make the best of it.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how much...
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  • 2003 197 TT - Winterizing Ballast Pump

    Hi friends,

    Looking for someone to tell me if I'm losing it. I have a 2003 197 TT with the ballast bag under the rear seat, and the empty/fill pump switch on the panel near the throttle. I SWEAR last year when I winterized and pumped RV antifreeze through it, it emptied out the two...
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  • Ballast: Pair 600# Sumo Sacks for sale

    I recently upgraded my rear 600# bags to 750s. I have a pair of 600# Straightline Sumo V Sacks that are less than 1 year old. Mint condition. Willing to part with for $250 including shipping in the continental US. PM me if you are interested.

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