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ban hydrotunes

  • eecyclone
    started a topic 18+ Klipsch Stereo mods

    18+ Klipsch Stereo mods

    I will try to keep this post updated with my latest findings to make it easier for people to modify their stock Klipsch stereo. Below it is broken down between Klipsch upgrades and non-Klipsch upgrades.

    The general consensus is the Klipsch speakers are actually pretty good, however they...
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  • Klipsch
    started a topic Ask Klipsch

    Ask Klipsch

    Since the launch of the new 2018 MasterCraft models, we have been closely monitoring the Team Talk forum for feedback on the system and to find out what questions are being asked that we can answer. The goal of this thread is to become a repository of Questions and Answers for the Klipsch MasterCraft...
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  • jdgannon
    started a topic 2018 Klipsch audio UPDATE

    2018 Klipsch audio UPDATE

    Follow up on my last post about the XT23 with the new Klipsch system. At fist the speakers were not sounding that good at all. However, after a few minor tweaks, and now playing music through the USB cord, the speakers sound amazing. The clarity is off the charts. Even at full volume the sound is as...
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