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  • nickw0804
    started a topic New to me 1983

    New to me 1983

    Purchased this a few weeks ago. 1130 hours, interior above average for 35+ years with a recently rebuilt carb. We've taken 'er out every Sat/Sun since purchase but have had issues starting. I need to trace wiring, check connections (corrosion, etc.), test coil, plugs, points, timing...all the goodies....
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  • lakeman88
    started a topic Electric hatch on Maristar issue

    Electric hatch on Maristar issue

    I've been trying to diagnose an electrical issue with my boat(no voltage on wiring leaving motor area towards dash).
    My question is: Is it possible for me to connect my 'hatch' toggle type switch direct to a battery and bypass the dash area to allow me to open the hatch?
    I've found...
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  • grantman
    started a topic Batteries for a big stereo setup

    Batteries for a big stereo setup

    Currently I have an 2014 x30 with 4 rev 10's. 8 stock cabin speakers, and dual 10" subs in a custom enclosure. All is powered by 4 ARC audio amps. The previous owner did this sweet stereo setup. He installed it with 5 6v deep cycle batteries. Are all of these batteries necessary for this setup?...
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  • ryan_kc13
    started a topic Give me the lowdown

    Give me the lowdown

    So we took out our new to us 2008 MasterCraft X30 out for the first time yesterday. When we started the boat the temp was at 220 but when we started to go it lowered to normal temperatures. Also do you run with both batteries on?
    For the perfect pass do you just put it in the mode you want and...
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  • Diesel
    started a topic The Official Dual Battery Thread

    The Official Dual Battery Thread

    I see this topic come up many times so I think it would be best to create a "Dual Battery Bible" for newcomers and others interested in adding a second(or more) auxillary battery to their boat. I will post my experiences and we can get other member's input as well. Hopefully we will all...
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