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  • Tony84121
    started a topic Battery Replacement Thoughts

    Battery Replacement Thoughts

    Looking through previous posts, I didn’t see any good threads discussing battery replacements so thought I might see what TT folks have been doing. With all the newer boats coming with tons of electronics, heavy draw ballast pumps, and multiple amplifier systems, I’m debating replacing my two factory...
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  • Mizzou101
    started a topic Voltage Fluctuation

    Voltage Fluctuation

    I have a 2012 X-45. I'm noticing a voltage fluctuation between 13.7 and 14.2 on the digital voltage readout. Is this fluctuation normal? I don't recall this in the past. I know that my batteries are probably on their last leg, but isn't voltage while the engine is running controlled by the alternator?...
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  • fordtims
    started a topic Battery Switch Issues

    Battery Switch Issues

    hello friends - regarding my 2014, X-30, I need a little help here.

    when i turn my battery switch to the "on" position the screen boots up, but flickers and the voltage meter jumps around, then goes dark. when i switch to the combine battery mode it still doesn't start......
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  • Island Jim
    started a topic Battery Reverse Polarity

    Battery Reverse Polarity

    Okay - I am starting to realize I shouldn't try to use the forum or wrench on my boat....I originally put this in the Forum Help section. Sorry guys - I promise I'll get better. Below is what I had originally posted....sincerely appreciate all the help you can offer the noob.

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  • sereino11
    started a topic 60A in-line fuse blowing

    60A in-line fuse blowing

    I’m installing my batteries for the season and the in-line 60A fuse blows instantly when I attach the red positive cable... any idea why? I’m hooking the red 1st then black
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  • redac7
    started a topic Possible Electrical issue

    Possible Electrical issue

    I'm seeing the following symptoms when I'm running my 2005 Mastercraft X10 where if I'm doing something like driving down the lake and pumping water in/out ballast tanks with the radio running then the depth finder starts blinking and acting like it is not working. It seems like when I have the boat...
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  • cookster22
    started a topic Battery: Can I change battery group size?

    Battery: Can I change battery group size?

    It's time to replace my battery and was looking at the CCAs and deep cycle ratings, and considering going up to a group size 31 battery (from a group size 24) on my '04 X-30.

    I can't seem to find anything that tells me what, if any, disadvantages it will have? Any thoughts?
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  • patrikrinehart
    started a topic 1987 Prostar 190 Battery Cables

    1987 Prostar 190 Battery Cables

    I'd like to replace the positive and negative battery cables on my 1987 Prostar 190.

    Anyone know what the lengths of the cables are? It's a single battery setup and it's in the original battery location to the left of the driver's seat.

    I know I can measure them when...
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  • twander1
    started a topic Battery Problem?

    Battery Problem?

    I have a 2000 Prostar 205V and have loved it, but over the past 3 months every so often when I turn the key, I get nothing. I've replaced the battery twice and still have the problem. I get nothing although horn worked. I've recharged the battery, but it was fully charged within a minute or two, then...
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  • LakeDays171
    started a topic House Battery Issue

    House Battery Issue

    New owner to 08 X2. Love it, except the house battery is being a pain.

    Test drove it and had to throw in an okd battery in the #2 house battery spot cause the guy only had the crank battery in. With both batteries in, all electronics functioned and that MCX engine and a REAL boarding...
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  • #snatchattack
    started a topic Battery Draining Issues? Anyone?

    Battery Draining Issues? Anyone?

    I have a 2000 XStar and I am having serious battery draining issues. Went through too many batteries in my opinion so far. The positive has been disconnected for a little bit, while we were working on the new stereo. The positive was left disconnected and the negative was still connected. Came back...
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  • Mattymillz12
    started a topic Low voltage warning help!!!!

    Low voltage warning help!!!!

    Hey guys, I know this topic is beat to death but I really need some help. Last year my 06 x star threw a bunch of low voltage warnings. We replaced the alternator and problem solved. However water was left on the alternator and most likely ruined it (don't know yet because I can't start it until later...
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  • Mathewfamily
    started a topic Battery Switch Fail

    Battery Switch Fail

    I am getting some voltage surging when the key is one. I put an ohm meter on the batteries and noticed that there was a voltage drop surge on one of the batteries when the key is on. Nothing running but the BIG screen. It is only coming from one of the batteries so I swapped power to the other battery...
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  • Lbferguson
    started a topic Battery Choice 95 ProStar 190

    Battery Choice 95 ProStar 190

    Thank all for posts for - Sadly no boating or starting Boat in 3 years - We are in process of following all suggestions prior to startup. Life got too busy, kids, college and work - Ready to go boating soon.

    Battery had sat and we took to Hazard Waste without writing down size or information....
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  • bjlaveway
    started a topic Battery - 1989 Prostar 190

    Battery - 1989 Prostar 190

    I was wondering if anyone knew what the group number or measurements are for the battery in my 1989 Prostar 190. The boat is 4 hours away in storage and I would like to pick up a battery on my way to get it. Thanks in advance for any help.
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