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  • Shawnymac11
    started a topic New Bilge Pump

    New Bilge Pump

    I've dug deep into archives and found great information on replacing the original bilge pump. I have not found the exact answer on the wiring.

    Old yellow/black mayfair pump had brown/black wires
    Old Float switch had two grey wires

    How do I connect the new Rule pump...
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  • lmunson
    started a topic Bilge Piping

    Bilge Piping

    Finally decided to replace the crappy vinyl bilge blower ducting with something better. On my 1994 190 ProStar (actually badged ProTour) Problem arrises when trying to get under the gas tank. There is a reinforcement member that reduces the space to about 2" or less. Not what I would call great...
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  • avorob
    started a topic Rudder shaft leak

    Rudder shaft leak

    My bilge pump has been frequently running for last two summers. Check out the attached image and video.
    I've got annoyed at some point. I attempted to pack some grease in the the rudder shaft. It didn't seem it helped. Unless, I did poor job.

    Do I need to replace the seal?...
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  • 2004 X2 wiring questions - bilge and random wire

    Hey guys, so over the winter I have been going through my X2 and trying to clean up/repair/replace everything in the boat. I purchased it in June 2018 and it's a little rough around the edges!

    1- Does anyone have a clean way to run the bilge pumps with the Perko switched off? I know...
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  • float switch location on a 2001 x star.

    So i am fixing up a 2001 star and the 2 wire float switch has been removed. I bought a new electro magnetic float switch but i am trying to find the location of the old screw holes so that I can utilize the old mounting spot. basically i don't want to drill new mounting holes if i don't have to.
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  • Dlturner87
    started a topic Found this in my bilge

    Found this in my bilge

    As I am getting ready to winterize my TriStar 190 I found what seems to be some type of rubber gasket material in my bilge area. At first I thought it was a snake or snake skin, however after poking at it I soon realized it was just rubber. Has anybody seen anything like this appear in a bilge before?...
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  • alaincouture
    started a topic Clogged bilge?

    Clogged bilge?

    Good day,
    First time poster.
    I have a 2004 x-star and yesterday after cleaning it, there was water in the back part of the bilge (near the engine) and none in the front. Usually the water drains from the back to the front but it appears to be clogged since nothing is draining from the...
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  • rickysunshine
    started a topic Ballast on Pumps out Bilge

    Ballast on Pumps out Bilge

    Is there a way to track down a hose diagram or where to begin looking for my issue? I flip the switch to turn on Port side ballast and within seconds it kicks on my bilge and kicks water out. Where do I start looking?


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  • Bubbacuse77
    started a topic Bilge runs constantly in auto

    Bilge runs constantly in auto

    Anyone have a bilge run constantly in auto like the float switch is stuck? If so does anyone have any advice on freeing the float switch?
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  • Dead Water in Bilge? Clever Solutions?

    Has anyone else found that they have dead water (water that can't reach the thru-holes to drain out) in their bilge? I have to say I'm not impressed with Mastercraft's placement of drain holes in the various bulkheads on my X55, they drilled them about 1-2" up from the hull so there is always...
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  • Tim2ski
    started a topic PS 197 cupholder drains

    PS 197 cupholder drains

    Hello All,
    I have been battling with my front cupholders filling with water if I take some water over the bow. I bought some cupholders with drains in them but can't seem to find a way to get the water to the bilge.

    I have decided to just plug the holes if I can't figure out a...
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  • gruvnfunk
    started a topic How to power the auto-bilge while at dock.

    How to power the auto-bilge while at dock.

    I have X-Star 2000. I leave it in the water, not on a lift (do not criticize... just sent this poor student money so I can buy a lift) at my friend's dad's house during the summer. I go out once a week usually but I usually do not see the boat in between when I go out. If it rains I have to make...
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  • Jerncalled
    started a topic Leaking bilge seal on 2010 MC197!

    Leaking bilge seal on 2010 MC197!

    I recently had my 2010 197 put in the water and discovered I had water coming into the bilge.
    I then had my dealer/local Mastercraft repair shop take the boat out of the water.
    They say it was a leaking seal around the bilge plug. The plug was apparently sealed with silicone. "the
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  • gruvnfunk
    started a topic X Star 2000 Bilge Won't Run

    X Star 2000 Bilge Won't Run

    I dropped the boat in this week and noticed the bilge won't run. The light on the button on the dash lights up but it's not pumping and isn't showing any signs of life. Any guesses what the issue is?

    Send me an email for a photo of the pump. I can't tell what kind it is. It is yellow...
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  • How can I open the floor compartment? X-Star 2000

    I am trying to access the area under what appears to be a hatch on floor toward the stern right in front of the rear, front facing bench. The bilge access black screw top is in the center of this panel. I can't seem to find and screws or other latches.

    Your help is greatly apprecia...
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