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  • Tony84121
    started a topic HydroHoist Pricing

    HydroHoist Pricing

    Looking to my fellow dock owners/boaters for some insight into pricing of a HydroHoist lift. I've done the homework, and believe this is in fact a great lift, just a bit shell shocked on the cost. I just got off the phone with the local dealer here in the Carolinas, and pricing out the 8800 Ultra...
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  • 92ProStar
    started a topic Lake lift question

    Lake lift question

    Found a shore station manual lift for a steal... Ive never owned or operated one. We've always had to trailer in. We've been fortunate to get a place on the lake. Question is how tough is it to lift the boat with the manual wheel gears? Am I going to regret not going with a powered or hydraulic...
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  • 92ProStar
    started a topic lake lift advice

    lake lift advice

    We have a '92 ProStar 190. Finally got the opportunity to live on a lake. Looking at a used Shore Station. Its a manual lift (budget). How hard is it to crank the boat out of the water with one of these? Ive never done it, never seen it done, always trailered in to the lake. I mean is it a real...
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  • Rown4au
    started a topic Boat lift for an XT25 in Washington

    Boat lift for an XT25 in Washington

    We are looking to buy a boat lift for an XT25 at a lake house in Washington and this is our first time buying a lift. The property we are looking at has a ten year old 6,000 lb Basta lift currently at the dock. I have been told I should upgrade to an 8,000 lb lift which makes sense given the weight...
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  • Leelanau190
    started a topic 88 Prostar 190 - lift bunk placement

    88 Prostar 190 - lift bunk placement

    We picked up a used Shore Station vertical lift this past fall. The PO had a I/O on it. Does anyone have a similar lift with this boat? If so, do you know how high and wide your bunks are? Any tips for a first-time lift owner? Thanks!...
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  • KWSC
    started a topic Hydraulic Boat Lift problem

    Hydraulic Boat Lift problem

    looking for some advice on our boat lift. We bought a used Shoremaster Hydraulic Cantilever lift last year. It ran ok but we kept on having to charge the battery after lots. When I would move the lift I would have to do about 4 full cycles (without the boat on it) and that would be enough to completely...
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  • ridesdirt
    started a topic Hydrohoist 4400UL2

    Hydrohoist 4400UL2

    Excellent condition, located on Lake Wylie on the NC/SC border $2,900.00 you come get it.
    Here is a link to local add. I am not on TeamTalk much anymore, so please respond through Craigslist.

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  • Who says boat lifts can't have runways?

    $50 at hobby lobby, $10 at the hardware store, some extension chords, a remote from the christmas light bin in the attic, and a 30 minute install later we had remote control runway lights.

    The remote can be temperamental as you saw in the video,...
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  • LDA6339
    started a topic Headroom On A Boat Life

    Headroom On A Boat Life

    How much headroom should you leave on your boat lift and stay safe? Can a 6,000lbs lift lift a loaded a boat thats 4700lbs dry? What about 5350? 5500?

    Thanks in advance
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  • Wheelin98TJ
    started a topic 6k or 6.5k lb boat lift for 2005 X-Star

    6k or 6.5k lb boat lift for 2005 X-Star

    Looking for a boat lift for my 2005 X-Star.

    Something in the 6,000-6,500 lb weight rating range would be ideal.

    Within 200 miles of SE Michigan / Toledo, OH area is preferred, but I will travel further for the right deal.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can ...
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  • ryan_kc13
    started a topic Boat lifts opinions

    Boat lifts opinions

    Has anyone heard anything about RGC and Porta Dock boat lifts? Also do you know if a 6000lb manual lift would be hard to crank?
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  • MC Dawg
    started a topic X-23 on a 6,000 lb lift?

    X-23 on a 6,000 lb lift?

    I'm thinking about getting a X-23, which has a dry weight of 5,500 lbs. I currently have a 6,000 lbs Basta steel lift (model 6060SP) which i just bought less than a year ago so i would have very little appetite to replace it this soon.

    With gas/gear the boat could be pushing 6,000 lbs....
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  • Dreamin' MC
    started a topic Remote control for Lift-Mate

    Remote control for Lift-Mate

    Does anyone know if an after-market remote control for a truck/ATV 12V winch would work with a Lift-Mate boat lift motor? It would be a much cheaper option than what Shoreline Industries is asking people to pay for their remote accessory.
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  • Where is the Centre of Gravity on 2006 X30

    I want to install a boat lift and the installer needs to know where the Centre of Gravity is on a "Dry" (i.e. no fuel and nothing stored on board) 2006 X30 with a MCX VRS 5.7ltr engine.

    I have looked everywhere but can't find any reference to the C of G for any boats in the...
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  • Do I need to upgrade my boat lift? Help me save $7500!!!

    I have a 4000lb Shorestation hydraulic lift. It was perfect for my Prostar 197 which weighed in around 3200 lbs or so. I switched to an x14v late last summer and with a full tank of gas and limited equipment we estimate it to be around 4000 lbs.

    So, I looked into trading for a new...
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