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  • mdfeldbusch
    started a topic Boat won't restart after running

    Boat won't restart after running

    I have a 93 Prostar 205. I had the 4160 carb rebuilt a year ago, but boat did not run well. Rebuilt this summer, put OEM jets in it. Will start and idle great! Plenty of power out of the hole, but if we stop and turn the motor off, it will not restart. Anyone had this problem or can offer suggestions?...
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  • sholcomb72
    started a topic Carb guru's please help

    Carb guru's please help

    I have a Holley 0-80320-1 on a 1973 Ford 302 Mercruiser 888 package. Stubborn to start without pumping the throttle, at times its firing as its turning over but doesn't want to start. When I can get it to run and warm up it runs pretty good but it has died at fast speeds on the lake. It does start right...
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  • Carburetor choices for 91-93 Prostars

    Has anyone tried Edelbrock or Quick Fuel carburetors on their 91-93 Prostars with the ford 351? If so what's your results and how easy was the change over? Thanks

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  • Juiced190
    started a topic Best place to buy new Holley 4160

    Best place to buy new Holley 4160

    Does anyone here have a connection for a brand new Holley 4160 carburetor? The best deal I've found so far is around $579. Feel free to post here or pm me. Much appreciation as always.

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  • Ninjaneer
    started a topic 1986 fuel pump issues

    1986 fuel pump issues

    My fuel pump is going in and out. I've narrowed it to that because the line on the inlet side will have gas in it but the outlet line is dry. I can't seem to find a fuel pump that looks like mine. I found the Airtex 6696 that is the same, but nobody seems to carry it anymore and I don't want a fuel...
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  • footin123
    started a topic Photo or diagram of 1994 Maristar Carb

    Photo or diagram of 1994 Maristar Carb


    I removed my old PerfectPass from my 1994 Maristar 200. 350 Chevy 265 HP Indmar (Rochester carburetor) Given it's been awhile, I was hoping someone had a photo to show how the throttle cable connects to the carburetor.

    Any links, photos, etc would be GREATLY appreciated....
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  • Hatch7
    started a topic Fuel Question

    Fuel Question

    First time out was Memorial Day weekend the boat (93 Prostar with std 351) ran great. When I winterized I had filled the tank with 93 octane. As the weekend progressed new fuel was added which I found later to be 87 octane. After the refill she started sputtering when dropping the throttle at the hole...
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  • Bluccous
    started a topic Carburetor question

    Carburetor question

    I have a question about the secondary side of the carb. It is a standard marine Holley 600 with electric choke. The motor is running and idling good, but the back barrels don't seem to be opening up. I have taken the rpm's to 4000 on the trailer but still not opening. Not sure what is going on ....
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    started a topic Cleaning needle and seat ?

    Cleaning needle and seat ?

    I've noticed that my carb is dripping from the primaries when the boat is shut off. I searched a few threads and have decided to clean the needles and seats. I have never done this and would like some insight or pics showing what i need to remove from the float bowl and clean. I have replaced power...
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  • pasmadj
    started a topic 1974 MC Needs a New Carb

    1974 MC Needs a New Carb

    I have a 1974 (yes, that's not a typo) MC.

    I can start it by dribbling some fuel in the carb. I can keep it running at about 3,000rpm, but below that, it dies. I have not used it for 3 years. I have started it in the driveway, but have not made it to the lake.

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