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  • "Check Engine" warning went off while pulling a waterskier

    Was pulling a water skier for 5-10 mins at my max speed (35MPH) on a relative bumpy water and making two fast turns. A buzz went off sometime during the pull and when the skier dropped off I noticed "Check Engine" note on the depth meter display as well. The engine temp range gauge was in...
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  • bparelskin
    started a topic Check Engine Light MCX

    Check Engine Light MCX

    I have a 2007 X14 with the 350 HP MCX (Chev 350 cc engine). I'm getting a Check Engine light and went to put a code reader on it, but the connector is a 10 PIN vs a 16 pin connector. Has anyone found out how to read the codes from the dash display? Is there a reader adapter that works? I've already...
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  • SteveC
    started a topic water in ignition switch???

    water in ignition switch???

    Hello, my wife decided to do me a favour and clean the boat. She used the hose and sprayed down the dashboard (oooops). Now the check engine light and alarms keep coming on and the fuel pump keeps priming (even with the key removed). I figure I have water in the ignition switch. Any thoughts on...
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  • Sputtering, Intermittent Power Loss (Hesitation) then fine & repeat

    Hi guys, I have a 2003 X9, MCX, 690 hours.

    Has run amazing all summer however lately experiencing very random intermittent power loss or hesitation (sputtering??) combined with a check engine light that blinks below 3,000 RPM and comes on solid above 3,000 RPM.

    If we turn...
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