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  • 91 Maristar 210 351 Indmar Electronic Ignition - Voltage to coil

    Greetings all - I'm having a problem with my boat just shutting down after 30 minutes.

    Some background - Died a couple of weeks ago, no fuel to the carb, replaced the fuel pump.
    Turns out that the anti-siphon valve correded off the tank. Replaced entire fuel sysem except the pickup...
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  • TriStar190NTN
    started a topic Starter Solenoid Problem

    Starter Solenoid Problem

    I have an Indmar 250, Ford 351, in a 1989 Mastercraft TriStar 190. I am having trouble with starter solenoids. When I turn the key to start and then release it continues to send 12V going to the ā€œSā€ terminal on the solenoid. I assume that when the key is released the ā€œSā€ wire should not have...
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  • Mastercraft X2 2005 MCX 350 Misfire when warm

    Hi - I'm hoping someone can shed some light on an engine issue I seem to be having with my 2005 Mastercraft X2 MCX 350 hp V8.

    When starting from cold the engine runs perfectly well. After approximately 20 minutes (when the engine is fully warmed up the engine starts to misfire but in...
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  • 88inNH
    started a topic Ignition Coil / Ballast Resistor 1988 Prostar

    Ignition Coil / Ballast Resistor 1988 Prostar

    351 with points (and keeping them)
    All stock to the best of my knowledge.

    Can I grab a coil from auto parts store or is it marine?
    If auto ok, anyone know part number(s), where to buy, approx price?

    Looking at other posts, Ballast Resistor is mentioned....
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