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  • family_man
    started a topic Custom Build Discount

    Custom Build Discount

    I am currently finalizing details of a 2021 build with my local dealership. I have only ever heard good things about the dealership so I have no reason to believe they are giving me a bad deal. But with dealership discounts so significant, $20k+ off MSRP, how does the buyer potentially ask for more...
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  • For sale Perry’s custom board from Kauai Hawaii

    Few dings and bumps still great working condition, make offer but don’t low ball please it is custom made board is 5’5”...
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  • Wakerider70
    started a topic 88 Pro Star 190 build

    88 Pro Star 190 build

    A Pro Star just fell in my lap so now I have a new project. I am looking to replace the bow intake vents and stern one as well. Are there any custom ones out there, or is anybody fabricating any? This I am sure will be the first of many questions.
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  • Custom Sea Deck Floor 15-18 X23. $1,200

    Selling this complete sea deck kit for 2015-2018 X23. Kit is complete with all sections.
    BRand new in packaging. Matches the brown teak transom steps. Large X logo looks awesome!!!!

    [email protected]...
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  • Brand New Custom boat cover - 2001 X-star

    We purchased a brand new custom boat cover for the boat and do not need it any longer. It was cut to fit around the tower of our 2001 X-star and will fit any boat along that generation. It has a ratchet on the back to allow the cover to stay in place while it is being trailer ed. It also comes with...
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  • BMcD
    started a topic Ask a Pro

    Ask a Pro

    Hey all,

    Our highly accomplished team rider Parker Payne has taken over our instagram feed today. He will be posting pics and vids of "a day in the life" at Lake Powell. Many of you have had questions on tricks, boards, etc through Team Talk. This would be a great chance to...
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  • MC225 94
    started a topic Tandem Pulling

    Tandem Pulling

    I got tired of having to take separate vehicles to pull two trailers to the lake. So I found a way to pull 2 trailers with 1 Truck. Found a tow package for a pick up on craigslist and started modifying. Need to document the cut and welds I had done by my buddy to make the top piece that sticks way...
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  • presto
    started a topic Boatwrapping The Mastercraft Story

    Boatwrapping The Mastercraft Story

    Hey there!

    Introducing myself and our Mastercraft X2, 2008.

    We combined our passion for wakeboarding and work in making custom designs for boats. Bought this X2 with a friend of mine in this early season this year. Started customizing the Mastercraft on the first day we...
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  • POSEIDON,3m Safety-Walk Wet Area Matting 1500?

    I was looking at Tige' boats today just because (not switching) and none of them had carpet. They had this poseidon flooring it was like mesh very comfortable and sand would fall through making it easier to clean. Has anyone ever used this or heard of it? Anyone know where you can buy it?
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  • BMcD
    started a topic Day1 Wake News

    Day1 Wake News

    Hey all,

    We at Day1Wake are really excited to announce Parker Payne joining our team. He is an up-and-coming kid that really represents the future of the sport.

    Press release here at Day1 Wake

    If you are interested in a board that is dialed in for your...
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  • Traxx822
    started a topic DOOMSWELL Wakesurf Company

    DOOMSWELL Wakesurf Company

    Hey guys,

    I'd like to introduce you to a microboard company and up and comer. Already hitting the podium on the Endless Wake Tour with their pro rider Nathan Irwin.

    Cool guys run this. Surfer owned they started making Surfboards down in Webster Texas and now have moved into...
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  • New Stereo install on my 2003 Prostar 197

    Can anyone recommend a local company here in Michigan who can install a new Stereo, speakers, woofer on my boat? I want a professional job done and thought someone here could help me.

    Thanks a lot,
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