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  • tcooprider
    started a topic '89 Tristar Dash

    '89 Tristar Dash

    Good morning everybody! I'm currently working on replacing the plastic dash panels with aluminum ones I found on ebay. I've attached a couple pictures of what I'm working with (you'll have to excuse the dirty boat, she's getting deep cleaned next weekend). I'm hoping some of you maybe have experience...
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    started a topic Prostar 205 dash parts needed

    Prostar 205 dash parts needed

    I have a 1993 Prostar 205. The panel for the switches on the right side of the steering wheel is crack in all four corners. Looking for a replacement. Help needed!!
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  • seth045
    started a topic Dash Fuse, 82 S&S

    Dash Fuse, 82 S&S

    The 82 S&S (and maybe others) come with push in, spring loaded, fuse ports (not sure what the real name is) right next to every dash switch. The bilge fuse was blown. The fuse is now broken off in it and the "fuse port" (being plastic) is pretty damaged as well.

    Does anyone...
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  • Bubbacuse77
    started a topic Official Hula girl thread

    Official Hula girl thread

    post up a picture of your hula girls on the dash of your Mastercraft or tow rig. If you don't have a dancing lady in a grass skirt yet, time to rethink your priorities.

    Here's mine...
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  • wcisjason
    started a topic dash gauges

    dash gauges

    I have a 2005 X2 and a week ago my gauges all stopped working. All of them except for the perfect Pass. Any Ideas?
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  • Barefoot 200 Dash Panels For Sale

    I have panels I had made for the Barefoot 200 dash for myself and a friend. Turns out he no longer wants them at this point and will hold off.

    I am asking $450 CDN which is the costs of getting them made. With the switches as well. 5 Latching switches and 1 momentary (for horn). I used...
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  • krzy1212
    started a topic Medallion MDC-1600

    Medallion MDC-1600

    I have a used MDC which came out of a 1999 prostar. Boat only had 180 original hours so this might as well be new. All gauges were working fine but I didn't like the look, so I swapped to a nice set of Analog ones. Don't need this anymore.
    $50+ shipping to your location. Thanks...
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  • Dash Board Template for Prostar 205 1992

    Hello everyone, I'm new in this forum.
    I'm from Italy, last year a bought a Prostar 205 of 1992.
    I'm searching a template with the measures to do a new dash board panel for the insturmentation.
    Can someone help me?

    Thanks a lot
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  • 1995 Maristar 200 Dash replacement

    I have been having some problems with the switch that raises and lowers my deck and needed to replace it. Also my dash panels were breaking up and in bad shape so I ordered some new panels from Greg Weaver (they look great by the way) and am in the process of installing. It is turning into a pain as...
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  • msetexas
    started a topic Dash Power Problem

    Dash Power Problem

    I have searched and tried all suggestions for similar problems but none has worked.

    I have a 1999 Maristar 230 VRS with vortec 5.7 and the problem did not exist before it was winterized but did exist when summarized, no wires were in the winterization nor summarization protocols.
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  • krzy1212
    started a topic Interchangable Dashes prostar 190

    Interchangable Dashes prostar 190

    So I recently bought a 99' Prostar 190 and the dash is pretty bland looking. Im ordering some nice aftermarket gauges but Id still like to liven up the area a little more. Ive seen some different pics of boats while browsing for some kind of "dress-up kit" for my boat and some dashes like...
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  • RMLong24
    started a topic WTB Dash for '02 X9

    WTB Dash for '02 X9

    Looking for the aluminum dash inserts for a 2002 209/X9. I have a 209 with the wood dash and I'm looking to upgrade to the OEM dash in the X9 from that year. Because of where the check engine light is located dash panels newer than '02 will not work

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  • 89 Tristar dash needs help

    The years are starting to take their toll. The stress of bouncing on the waves have caused the penetration points of my dash to start to/completely pull through. Looking for a way to repair these. Anyone have a recommendation? I have considered laying glass down on the inside for reinforcement and I...
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