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  • bparelskin
    started a topic Check Engine Light MCX

    Check Engine Light MCX

    I have a 2007 X14 with the 350 HP MCX (Chev 350 cc engine). I'm getting a Check Engine light and went to put a code reader on it, but the connector is a 10 PIN vs a 16 pin connector. Has anyone found out how to read the codes from the dash display? Is there a reader adapter that works? I've already...
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  • RWojo
    started a topic PDM2 is red

    PDM2 is red

    Have a 2016 x30 and noticed on the diagnostic screen the PDM2 is red. Anyone know what causes that, what it means and how to reset (if possible)?
    Many thanks
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  • Where's the diagnostic port on a '07 X2 SS MCX

    Where is the diagnostic port located on an '07 X2 SS with an MCX? I borrowed a Diacom code reader setup & want to scan & diagnose the codes. Just don't want to hunt & seek for 30 minutes trying to find the jack.

    The "Check Engine" indicator came on last summer with...
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  • Engine Diagnostic Software

    Does anyone know what software is used for the diagnostics for the newer GM (MCX) motors.
    I have seen the service centers use them before, but never caught what it was or got a name. I assume it similar to the YDS software used on Yamaha outboard engines.
    Any info would be great..
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