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  • krestle
    started a topic Old perfect pass display

    Old perfect pass display

    My 95 prostar 190 had perfect pass installed long before I bought it. Unfortunately, the "up" button on the single line display stopped working this season. I can't afford to upgrade to the stargazer with multi line display. Does anyone have an old single line display they could sell me?...
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  • WANTED - 2012 X-25 Big Display.

    I need a new or used a Medallion Big Display Mastercraft TOUCH-SCREEN 6913-00418-01, (5008150) with a good price, because my is broken.
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  • johkur
    started a topic Gauges or display works, but not both

    Gauges or display works, but not both

    Got boat reupholstered where they basically ripped everything out, and also at the same time they installed a GoSurfAssist. Afterwards, the gauges were dead. Spent $300 with dealer to be told I needed a new Viper, and then had another dealer charge me to come up with same diagnosis, so I went and...
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  • Grizza
    started a topic X-2 Dash Speedo Swich & Display/Selector Switch

    X-2 Dash Speedo Swich & Display/Selector Switch

    I have a 2007 X-2 and I need the rocker switch for the Speedo and Display/Selector. Dealer can't seem to know what the part number is. Anyone have any idea as mine is now sticking and I can't get it to adjust my speedo.
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  • Navionics US Lake Map for 7" display ('13 and newer+)

    For sale: New Mastercraft OEM NAV KIT- MINI USB Drive 7" US LAKES for '13 and newer boats

    Mastercraft PN# 508079

    Dongle used for GPS mapping when native GPS function is available on 7" display. Plug and play for all US Lakes.

    Please send private...
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  • Multi-function Display and Controls Not Working on X14V

    I wonder if anyone can help with a problem with my (new) 2012 X14V. Boat 1st put in the water last season, not yet much used - still under warranty.Issue started with a slightly inaccurate lake temperature reading (30 C instead of 20 C). I'm guessing this may have been an initial problem with the paddle-wheel...
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  • X15 ss
    Guest started a topic Changing gauge settings

    Changing gauge settings

    I have a 2007 X15 SS and recently my display that reads water temp, air temp, depth, etc switched from Standard to metric and I don't know how to get it back. I know there is some combination you have to hit between the two toggle switches for "display", but I can't figure it out and it's...
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