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  • c_reeder15
    started a topic NXT Ballast Fill/Drain Times

    NXT Ballast Fill/Drain Times

    Is there a difference between the 2019 NXT ballast fill/drain times vs a 2020 NXT? I know they redesigned the whole lineup but I can’t find anything anywhere about the fill/drain times....
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  • alaincouture
    started a topic Clogged bilge?

    Clogged bilge?

    Good day,
    First time poster.
    I have a 2004 x-star and yesterday after cleaning it, there was water in the back part of the bilge (near the engine) and none in the front. Usually the water drains from the back to the front but it appears to be clogged since nothing is draining from the...
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  • Batteries Draining Quickly - Check Alternator?

    I have a two battery setup with a Perko switch. My usual operation is to use battery 1 for normal cruising, then switch to battery 2 when anchored. Recently my cranking battery (#1) has been draining very quickly to the point that voltage alarm goes off. I switch to deep cycle (#2) and then it drains...
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  • Tim2ski
    started a topic PS 197 cupholder drains

    PS 197 cupholder drains

    Hello All,
    I have been battling with my front cupholders filling with water if I take some water over the bow. I bought some cupholders with drains in them but can't seem to find a way to get the water to the bilge.

    I have decided to just plug the holes if I can't figure out a...
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  • 4Runner
    started a topic Anyone Tried "Minute Drain"

    Anyone Tried "Minute Drain"

    I came across the website for Minute Drain. It says:

    "Simply put - with the turn of a Minute Drain valve, all the water in your engine system drains out in under a minute.

    In more detail - your engine components all have plugs, fittings or hoses that have to be removed...
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  • pjm14945
    started a topic '07 X-2 Ballast Relay Drain Blues

    '07 X-2 Ballast Relay Drain Blues

    I have an '07 X-2 on Lake Gaston in Virginia. I installed the Fly High 3 sac system. I programmed the relays to the max 6 min but they still were not able to fill both sacs on each pump.

    I worked with my dealer and they suggested I upgrade to the newer relays with a 10 (or 20 I forget)...
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