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  • Ts87
    started a topic fuel pump relay not getting power

    fuel pump relay not getting power

    My names is Tim and I have a 2001 Mastercraft X-Star with an Indmar LTR 330hp engine.* I just purchased the boat and it ran fine on the test drive.* I brought it back home*and it pulled 3 wakeboarders fine, then on the 4th the engine started to stutter.* We packed it up for the day and went back out...
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  • Battery Reverse Polarity

    Sorry - wrong forum
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  • NYMC
    started a topic Replacing ECM?

    Replacing ECM?

    A few weeks ago, our 2011 X-25 with Indmar MCX went into safe mode. Kept throwing above code or low voltage code to injector 3 or 4. Has been at dealer since and after pinning it out and and reportedly bypassing the harness, they could not clear the code. Their thought is that it must...
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  • rockets2009
    started a topic '94 Maristar 5.7l EFI ECU/ECM

    '94 Maristar 5.7l EFI ECU/ECM

    At the end of last summer by '94 Maristar 225 VRS left me stranded in the water. Fuel pump was not functioning properly. My Maristar has the 5.7l 350 EFI. I wired the fuel pump directly to the battery and it worked fine. I reattached the ground and ran power directly to the battery and it worked...
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  • lukejackson1
    started a topic 2006 XStar MCX

    2006 XStar MCX

    I have a 2006 XStar that has been giving me fits for 9 months now. At first it wouldn’t even turn over, brought it to the shop and that replaced the distributor cap and the grounding block. Got it to the river and it cranked up and as soon as it was put in gear it shut off. So back to the shop it...
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  • 2014 X25 -- Runs on land, not in water

    I have a 2014 X25 with 6.2 OPS -- Engine starts and runs great out of the water. When you put it in the water it starts, rough idle then pops through the intake. We put a new fuel pump in -- fired right up and ran great for 5 min then died. Ilmor said cats/manifold must be clogged and boat can't handle...
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  • 1998 Maristar electrical issue

    I have a 1998 Maristar 225 which I am having electrical trouble. The boat is showing dead power wise after the batteries. I originally tested my key switch thinking that was the issue but no luck there.
    Symptom: turn the Perko switch on and I have power going out of it but nothing up at the...
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  • gilski
    started a topic Throttle Body and ECM

    Throttle Body and ECM

    Just bought 2001 190 TBI 5.7 Indmar Predator.

    Its missing throttle body part number 556110 (does anyone have a cross-reference)?

    Also ECM/ECU 16237019 cefi3.

    Any ideas where to find new or used.

    Thank you,
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  • 2006 X2 - MCX - Enginge dies when shifting

    Hey Guys,

    i have a little issue with my MCX.

    When the engine is cold, the idle is very rough (between 650 and 900 rpm), it often dies but starts directly.

    As well, the engine dies when i put in a gear (no matter if forward or reverse).

    Once the engine...
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  • Edmund
    started a topic Limp Mode with stargazer operating

    Limp Mode with stargazer operating

    For the past 6 years on the 2005 197tt I have not been able to use Perfect Pass when I am skiing. Everything is running fine but after the 2-5th hard pull the boat drops to limp mode. No temp issues and easily reset with turning the boat off and on. Now that my boys are starting to pull harder also...
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  • Is the ECM the only way to know the true hours?

    Question! My friend has a 2007 X15 w/ the MCX. His ECM went bad and he replaced it with the same model ECM, but it was used and from another MCX with high hours. Now his boat says it has 500 more hours than it really does. Is there a way to see the hours that are on his boat, or does the ECM hold all...
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  • LT1 running rich - not sure where to go next?

    Hi all. It's my first thread so I better start with a "thank you" for all the information I have been able to get from the great people of Team Talk. Some really supper threads that have helped me a lot! I live in Ireland so it's tough to rub shoulders with trained mastercraft techs/engineer...
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  • 03 35th Anniversary
    started a topic Lq9 Ecm

    Lq9 Ecm

    Does anybody know what brand and model ECM is in a 2003 Prostar 197 with a LQ9?

    Also where is it located at? Back of the engine or under the dash?
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  • Engine Diagnostic Software

    Does anyone know what software is used for the diagnostics for the newer GM (MCX) motors.
    I have seen the service centers use them before, but never caught what it was or got a name. I assume it similar to the YDS software used on Yamaha outboard engines.
    Any info would be great..
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  • fochops
    Guest started a topic '98' PS190 no power to fuel pump, tach and other gauges

    '98' PS190 no power to fuel pump, tach and other gauges

    Please help... I was running my boat at about 2K RPM on the lake and it died just like that, The tach is stuck and Temp is in the same position of when the motor died. I'm thinking that it is something with the ECM. I have an Indmar 350, after testing the fuel pump for power I had none... I took a power...
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