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  • JLMax16
    started a topic Tower swivel with light?

    Tower swivel with light?

    I have a 2001 X9, first model year with a tower. For some reason Mastercraft decided to not install the white navigation light on the tower. Instead they left it on a pole that slides into a connection on the back drivers side rail.

    I’d like to change my tower swivel over to a version...
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  • Please help!... Improperly stored, beautiful 2011 x25

    No, not stored poorly on purpose... the place I pay to store my boat "forgot" about it, left it outside and with only my mooring cover loosely on.

    I'm devastated, this boat was the only nice thing I own.

    So - backstory:
    1- Paid for winterization and full...
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  • 2010 X-55 ruptured coolant line 4 times in recent months

    Last Memorial day I had a coolant line fail. The temp got close to 200. The line was replaced the next day. Later in the week, the temp was getting up to 200 again. The mechanic just put in some coolant (and charged $185 service fee). The boat again was getting close to 180 and I called the dealer....
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  • kevlash41
    started a topic Gauges not working

    Gauges not working

    Hey guys. I have an 06 x-star. Last summer about the last couple time we took the boat out, the gauges were not working at all. The perfect pass worked and the depth meter worked but none of the others were. Seems like they were just not getting power to them. Hard to believe all the gauges just went...
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  • Engine trouble on '81 S&S - warm engine bog

    First time post -- this site has helped me numerous times but this is the first time I need to ask for more help. My 19' Skier has a 351W w/ Powerslot. Engine starts fine, and runs fine for first 15-30 mins, but after that it starts to run very sluggish -- no real power but it doesn't stall out....
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  • redac7
    started a topic Possible Electrical issue

    Possible Electrical issue

    I'm seeing the following symptoms when I'm running my 2005 Mastercraft X10 where if I'm doing something like driving down the lake and pumping water in/out ballast tanks with the radio running then the depth finder starts blinking and acting like it is not working. It seems like when I have the boat...
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  • rockets2009
    started a topic '94 Maristar No Power to Fuel Pump

    '94 Maristar No Power to Fuel Pump

    I have a 1994 Maristar 225 VRS with the 5.7l EFI 350. At the end of last summer I walked down to the dock and she fired right up. We made it about a quarter mile upriver and it just stalled out. Everything electrical continued to work just fine, cranked for 5 minutes with no luck. Started working...
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  • patrikrinehart
    started a topic 1987 Prostar 190 Battery Cables

    1987 Prostar 190 Battery Cables

    I'd like to replace the positive and negative battery cables on my 1987 Prostar 190.

    Anyone know what the lengths of the cables are? It's a single battery setup and it's in the original battery location to the left of the driver's seat.

    I know I can measure them when...
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  • twander1
    started a topic Battery Problem?

    Battery Problem?

    I have a 2000 Prostar 205V and have loved it, but over the past 3 months every so often when I turn the key, I get nothing. I've replaced the battery twice and still have the problem. I get nothing although horn worked. I've recharged the battery, but it was fully charged within a minute or two, then...
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  • Boat choking out with throttle but keeps fuel psi

    I have a 2001 xstar with the 5.7 predator 310 hp engine. It recently started doing the following out of the blue:
    It starts normal, idles normal, and runs normal in gear (both fwd and reverse but not giving any throttle, just "in gear"), but once you give it any throttle, it will get...
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  • seth045
    started a topic Dash Fuse, 82 S&S

    Dash Fuse, 82 S&S

    The 82 S&S (and maybe others) come with push in, spring loaded, fuse ports (not sure what the real name is) right next to every dash switch. The bilge fuse was blown. The fuse is now broken off in it and the "fuse port" (being plastic) is pretty damaged as well.

    Does anyone...
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  • ray-man
    started a topic No spark from coil

    No spark from coil

    I have a 2000 prostar 205v with 5.7L, Throttle Body Injection, Delco electronic ignition. I have no spark at coil. Replaced coil, rotor, cap, pick-up coil, distributor module. I have jumped out the kill switch. When key in on position I have 12 volts coming into the coil and 12 volts coming out of coil...
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  • LakeDays171
    started a topic House Battery Issue

    House Battery Issue

    New owner to 08 X2. Love it, except the house battery is being a pain.

    Test drove it and had to throw in an okd battery in the #2 house battery spot cause the guy only had the crank battery in. With both batteries in, all electronics functioned and that MCX engine and a REAL boarding...
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  • Bill
    started a topic ProStar 205 Mystery Electrical Problem

    ProStar 205 Mystery Electrical Problem

    Tried to get on the water for the first time this year. Tried to start and nothing. There is no power to anything, except the oil and temp gages which move but do not register. I can also hear the fuel pump. No blower, no radio, does not crank. Thought it might be a poor ground as the negative terminal...
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  • #snatchattack
    started a topic Battery Draining Issues? Anyone?

    Battery Draining Issues? Anyone?

    I have a 2000 XStar and I am having serious battery draining issues. Went through too many batteries in my opinion so far. The positive has been disconnected for a little bit, while we were working on the new stereo. The positive was left disconnected and the negative was still connected. Came back...
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