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  • What is This Nut/Allen set from - Found 2 of them in bottom of boat X45

    This looks to be the same paint as the engine (2010 X-45). One appears older than the other as it's more corroded. As you can see a 7/32 Allen set was attached to the sheared off nut? No idea!...
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  • X25 SPN 1330 FMI 31 Emissions/Catalyst Damage Misfire Detected Cylinder #8

    Hi team
    I have a 2014 X25. Has been running great all year. At the end of the season while WAKESURFING I noticed some "vibration" when in idle. Then a few times while WakeSurfing we got this error.

    Critical Enginer MisFire Cylinder 8
    SPN 1330
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  • BooneDog
    started a topic 83' S&S Engine Temp Issue

    83' S&S Engine Temp Issue

    Hi all. When hooked up to a hose, pushing water through the engine, the boat will idle endlessly at 140F. When in the water and idling, temps will rise to 180F. But when I raise the rpms and move 20+MPH, temps get back down to 140. I've pulled and changed the impeller which appears to be fine. I also...
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  • jwskier
    started a topic 1999 Prostar 205 power problems

    1999 Prostar 205 power problems

    I have a 1999 PS205. I”ve had the boat 15 years. Recently had engine replaced (almost 2K hours). Now we have power problems. Nothing on the low end and a top speed of 30. My mechanic doesn’t know what’s wrong. I was wondering if it’s timing, but he said timing is good. I have the EFI engine....
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  • Check Engine with Rhymic Rrr Rrr

    Squeezing one more run in before dark and engine light comes on and alternates off and on loud beeping. Engine making a cyclic sound of normal then Rrr Rrr rhythmic sound, like it lacked power. We turned it off, emptied the bag ballast and started paddling to shore. Probably 30 minutes started again...
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  • mastercraft_noob
    started a topic Help ID Wire

    Help ID Wire

    Hi - I have a 2001 ProStar 209 with a 5.7L LTR NorthStar engine. We are experiencing performance issues. The engine tops out at 3,000 RPM and 32MPH. I read the post about MAP and making it’s seated tightly. I found this cable dangling in the process. Can someone please help me identify the...
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  • Engine trouble on '81 S&S - warm engine bog

    First time post -- this site has helped me numerous times but this is the first time I need to ask for more help. My 19' Skier has a 351W w/ Powerslot. Engine starts fine, and runs fine for first 15-30 mins, but after that it starts to run very sluggish -- no real power but it doesn't stall out....
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  • Engine/display screen shutting down intermittently

    I have a 2010 maristar 215V with about 175hrs and have been having some issues with the boat shutting down without warning. I can pull 3 skiers and go 30mph or cruise around with no problem. Several times with port and aft ballasts more or less full, while wakesurfing and going about 11mph, the engine...
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  • 2000 X-Star Cranks but thats it...

    First of, I have to thank this forum, the wealth of knowledge you can find here is unparalleled. I read through a pile of wont start threads including the newest thread and while I may have the same problem as others reading those threads made me think my issues is unique but who knows, I am hack mechanic...
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  • 2015 X25 Engine Replacement Experience


    Have you ever had a Ilmor engine failure warranty claim? How long did it take and what was your experience?

    Long Version:

    I'd love to know if anyone else has gone through a similar experience I am right now and what your outcome looked like. I'm in...
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  • check engine alarm 05 x10 when under load


    I had a strange issue today while out on the water. The check engine alarm was going off on my 2005 x10 when it seem to be under load. By that I mean the check engine alarm went off when:

    -Pulling a normal size person (~180lbs) wakeboarding at 20mph with full ballast...
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  • Some people should NOT own a boat!

    I am a new MC guy... I have been looking for a 230 vrs as a good family boat to start out with as our young kids are starting to learn water sports. The old boat we've got is great, it's just not a mc. Searching and searching I finally found one (02' with the LTR), of course it had SOME issues....
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  • just got this1996 mastercraft prostar 205

    Please bear with me folks... I got this Pro Star 205 when my father passed away... My brother said it wouldn't start... I got a friend to come by and he fixed the starter... (Wasn't getting contact)... Then we removed the inlet house and I replaced it with another house connected to my garden hose.....
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  • l8kebum
    started a topic 8.1 Engine/transmission issues

    8.1 Engine/transmission issues

    04 Xstar with 8.1L motor.

    I was cruising around 30 mph when speed all of a sudden dropped to 8 mph. I pulled the throttle back and accelerated again like nothing was wrong. Cruised for a few minutes (roughly 3-5) and the same thing happened. Killed the engine. Started back up with no...
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  • Maristar losing shuddering and losing power over 2500 RPM

    Hey everyone, had an issue over the weekend that I need some help in diagnosing. On Saturday, the boat was fine and didn't show any signs of a problem to come. On Monday, though, anytime you exceeded around 2300-2500 RPM you'd feel a shudder and loss of power. When advancing the throttle in neutral,...
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