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  • Check Engine with Rhymic Rrr Rrr

    Squeezing one more run in before dark and engine light comes on and alternates off and on loud beeping. Engine making a cyclic sound of normal then Rrr Rrr rhythmic sound, like it lacked power. We turned it off, emptied the bag ballast and started paddling to shore. Probably 30 minutes started again...
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  • check engine alarm 05 x10 when under load


    I had a strange issue today while out on the water. The check engine alarm was going off on my 2005 x10 when it seem to be under load. By that I mean the check engine alarm went off when:

    -Pulling a normal size person (~180lbs) wakeboarding at 20mph with full ballast...
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    started a topic 2012 X2 Eng Coolant Temp

    2012 X2 Eng Coolant Temp

    My 2012 X2 threw a Service Required alarm our on the water when the temperature spiked to 200 on the first run of the season. I immediately took the boat to idle and the temp dropped very quickly. That said, the engine temp stayed back at usual temperatures on the way back to dock. The problem is,...
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  • Black'nGreen
    Guest started a topic GDI 6000, who has this motor, any issues?

    GDI 6000, who has this motor, any issues?

    I have put 70 hours on the motorthis season. At the 22 hour mark, got a warning message on the Murphy that cylinder 8 had misfired. Dealer ran diagnostics, contacted Ilmor, and ended up changing out the spark plug. Motor has run strong since. Today we received another, but different, error message...
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  • Osullivan
    started a topic Check Engine buzzer won't quit

    Check Engine buzzer won't quit

    First time poster, long time reader/user/. I have the medallion MDC gauge monster living behind my dash. I have ordered the new Faria gauges to repair this but I am still battling a wire nightmare somewhere and I could use some guidance on. I have plugged into the ECM by way of the jumper clip and...
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  • Engine cuts to nuetral Alarm goes off

    I have a 05 Mastercraft X-9 and while pulling someone at surf speeds (10 mph) or wakeboarding speeds (22-24mph) with the boat weighted with fat sacs the boat will randomly cut out to neutral and the rpms will go to an idle speed. Then about 5 seconds after that it will beep and flash check engine....
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  • ryanmojo
    started a topic Engine Alarm Won't Shut Off

    Engine Alarm Won't Shut Off

    First a quick thank you to everyone on here. I've lurked TT for almost 10 years now and I can't begin to tell you how many questions i've found answers for in these threads.
    So thanks to everyone!

    I'm posting today because I'm absolutely stumped.
    I replaced...
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