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  • c_reeder15
    started a topic NXT Ballast Fill/Drain Times

    NXT Ballast Fill/Drain Times

    Is there a difference between the 2019 NXT ballast fill/drain times vs a 2020 NXT? I know they redesigned the whole lineup but I can’t find anything anywhere about the fill/drain times....
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  • mdshaffer
    started a topic NXT 20 Ballast

    NXT 20 Ballast

    Brand new NXT 20 2016, back tanks and ballast bags won't fill. Pumps work, no problem. Service guy says there is air in the line. Said to drive boat fast to prime the pump, but that doesn't work. Does anyone know how to get the air out?
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  • Evan
    Guest started a topic 2009 X-7 Ballast

    2009 X-7 Ballast

    Do you HAVE to run this boat at 1500 RPM's to fill/empty the ballast? its only a 500 pound ballast but all of that gas adds up. also both of my brothers ski, and they think its a "pain" to fill it up. Any Help will be appreciated.

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