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  • dpb185
    started a topic LTR Engine Fuel Injector Cleaning

    LTR Engine Fuel Injector Cleaning

    Has anyone ever removed their fuel injectors from their 5.7L LTR engine and had them cleaned ? Any procedures/videos/tips on how to get them in and out ? I pulled my spark plugs the other day and they had carbon build up. I'm thinking after 700 hours it's time.
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  • HFMG673
    started a topic Maintain fuel pressure

    Maintain fuel pressure

    Have a 2009 X15 with a 350 MCX. How long should the fuel system maintain pressure after priming (turning key on without starting) or after shutting down. Fuel pressure jumps to 58-60psi immediately. Without starting it feathers down to 50psi after 15 secs, 40 psi at 60 secs, and 30 psi at 120 secs....
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  • mrhodes12
    started a topic starts then dies

    starts then dies

    I have a 2019 Nxt 20 with 78 hours on it. I started it and pulled off trailer to the dock and the engine died and will crank but not more than 1-2 seconds and die each time. Anyone else out there have this problem, it has been at the dealer for 3 weeks and neither them nor Ilmor have found the solution....
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  • bonk78
    started a topic Prostar 190 Hiccups/Missing

    Prostar 190 Hiccups/Missing

    Hi All,

    Hope you can help me out here. I have a 1990 Prostar 190, 351W, Powerslot with 700 Hours on it.

    This year I started to smell gas when we would uncover it. It ran well and I couldn't find a leak. Then after it sat for a week, it wouldn't start. No fuel was getting...
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  • Fuel Pump on 2016 MC X23 with Ilmor 7.4

    Had the dreaded fuel pump go out on my 2016 MC x23 with the Ilmor 7.4. (75 HRS) It has dual fuel pumps, which I am assuming is the updated Millenium module. Don't want to buy the whole thing. One pump comes on the other wont. Does anyone have the part # for just the pump? Why 2 Pumps and are they...
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  • Gas Fumes from vent 1995 Maristar 225 vrs

    So I have had gas fumes coming from the vent for some time, but it was sporadic. So I never knew what was causing it until now. I am in the process of replacing the aluminum honeycomb floor section over the gas tank. I was using a different material, and it has just a little give, and it pushes down...
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  • 1986 351 Windsor warm engine stalling

    This boat sat for quite a few years. I cleaned the entire fuel system and filled with 90 rec fuel.
    After two carb kits and an intake manifold gasket set the vacuum gauge showed that it was still leaking at the manifold/heat riser somewhere. I couldn't find a leak so I sent the carb out to get...
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  • ryanandersonrp
    started a topic 2007 X2 Fuel Sender "Adjustment"?

    2007 X2 Fuel Sender "Adjustment"?

    Anyone have to adjust their fuel sender? Mine read full until there is 1/2 to 1/4 of a tank then plummets. Joel from Centroid mentioned what is below. Anyone done this before? Is it as straight forward as it sounds?


    Use an Xacto knife or something similar to scrape...
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  • jgriffis87
    started a topic Starving for Fuel - help??

    Starving for Fuel - help??

    First time poster long time reader. I have a 1990 PS190 with 351C, I just finished a dual exhaust job and removed the silent master, replaced soft fuel lines while I had the gas tank out, hooked up to a 5 gallon tank and took the boat out today to check for leaks. Sounds awesome and No leaks! Project...
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  • CrazyUncle
    started a topic Millenium fuel pump question

    Millenium fuel pump question

    Hi, all. Picked up a 2013 X-35, ran good on test drive. Got it home, no start. Fuel pumps are dead. Dealer sent me a whole new module, installed, good fuel pressure, runs fine to 4000 in the driveway. No loss of fuel pressure no-load.static pressure is steady so no apparent leaks in the FI system. In...
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  • Fuel Pump Inlet Issue. Indmar Pump Conversion.

    Doing an Indmar fuel pump conversion (pre-1999 5.7L) due to ours crapping out and new ones being completely unavailable. We’ve got the old pump out, but the new pump (silver) does not have threads on it’s inlet while the boat has a brass threaded fitting on its hose. They are both genuine...
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    started a topic Fuel Gage

    Fuel Gage

    I Just bought a Demo 2016 X23 with the 7.4L .After surfing the tank got down to about 1/4. I turned the Auto Launch off and the tank immediately went to E. When I turned Auto Launch back on the tank went up to 1/4 tank?

    Has anyone seen this before and/or know why?
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  • Drmartens
    started a topic Fuel injector for 2000 ltr 330

    Fuel injector for 2000 ltr 330

    Looking for fuel injector for a 2000 prostar ltr 330
    I see there is a 9099 number on the injector
    Is there a cross? And is there a oring kit for top and bottom of the injector
    Im new to the boating repair and search for injectors but only see fuel pump issues
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  • Skier Steve
    started a topic Bad Fuel Tank Sender?

    Bad Fuel Tank Sender?

    Mastercraft ProStar 197, 2003.

    Fuel gage always reads FULL lately, even when tank is more than half empty. (It's a nice feature, but wishes don't pull skiers!)

    Sender ties into the MMDC that then feeds the console gages.

    I replaces the MMDC 2 years ago and...
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  • Fuel Pump Question 1995 Prostar 190

    I am working on resurrecting this boat. So far I have checked out the engine. Installed new strut bushings and put in a new ZF transmission. It has a 5.7L GM Indmar engine.

    Everything is ready to start up but there is no fuel coming out of the fuel pump. This boat has an external...
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