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  • Greenwood87
    started a topic 2016 NXT22 fuel pump problem.

    2016 NXT22 fuel pump problem.

    It’s been a while since I posed here. But I’m at a loss on what’s going on with my boat. 2016 NXT22 with the MV8.

    Took it out for the first time after de winterizing (oil change and new impeller). The boat wouldn’t start at the landing. Got it back home and no fuel pressure at the...
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  • kevlash41
    started a topic I thought it was the fuel pump

    I thought it was the fuel pump

    I have an 06 x-star. I was cruising down the lake about 20, pulled back to idle and it died as if the kill switch came off but it seems fine. It acted like it wasn't getting fuel. I bought a new pump (not Mastercraft) installed it and when I turn the key on, shows 50+psi.
    Does the engine have...
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  • Ts87
    started a topic fuel pump relay not getting power

    fuel pump relay not getting power

    My names is Tim and I have a 2001 Mastercraft X-Star with an Indmar LTR 330hp engine.* I just purchased the boat and it ran fine on the test drive.* I brought it back home*and it pulled 3 wakeboarders fine, then on the 4th the engine started to stutter.* We packed it up for the day and went back out...
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  • redac7
    started a topic Fuel Pump Fuse blown

    Fuel Pump Fuse blown

    I just ran into an issue where I had a blown fuse "A" on the wiring that runs to the fuel pump. There are two fuses and I'm not sure what caused one of them to go and not sure why I have two fuses? My question is concerning the blown fuse. Should I be worried about what caused this or just...
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  • rockets2009
    started a topic '94 Maristar No Power to Fuel Pump

    '94 Maristar No Power to Fuel Pump

    I have a 1994 Maristar 225 VRS with the 5.7l EFI 350. At the end of last summer I walked down to the dock and she fired right up. We made it about a quarter mile upriver and it just stalled out. Everything electrical continued to work just fine, cranked for 5 minutes with no luck. Started working...
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  • loud humming coming from gas tank

    2001 XStar 330hp. people kept complaining about a humming noise from the back of the boat and i thought it was just the air screen/filter. The other day i took it out i noticed a that humming that got really loud when
    I took the gas cap off. is that the fuel pump?
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  • Boat choking out with throttle but keeps fuel psi

    I have a 2001 xstar with the 5.7 predator 310 hp engine. It recently started doing the following out of the blue:
    It starts normal, idles normal, and runs normal in gear (both fwd and reverse but not giving any throttle, just "in gear"), but once you give it any throttle, it will get...
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  • Bearclaw
    started a topic 94 lt1 fuel pump

    94 lt1 fuel pump

    On dale hollow lake looking for 94 lt1 fuel pump any help would be appreciated
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  • 2014 X25 -- Runs on land, not in water

    I have a 2014 X25 with 6.2 OPS -- Engine starts and runs great out of the water. When you put it in the water it starts, rough idle then pops through the intake. We put a new fuel pump in -- fired right up and ran great for 5 min then died. Ilmor said cats/manifold must be clogged and boat can't handle...
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  • babsy
    started a topic 2000 Xstar fuel issue/fuel pump?

    2000 Xstar fuel issue/fuel pump?

    hey there, any and all help appreciated. Not at all mechanical so bare with me. I

    put the boat in the water yesterday...started right up and sounded ok but while underway I noticed a slight vary in speed once but didn't think much about it because it was rough and windy so thought...
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  • JBrew
    started a topic Fuel Module Question

    Fuel Module Question

    Curious... is there anything inside the module besides the pump that could go bad?

    Replaced the pump in my 02 Xstar (310tbi) and I am still having issues. This weekend boat had a difficult time starting. Had to put in neutral and bring to 1500 RPMs while cranking to get it to start....
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  • 95 PS190 loss of power/bog above 1500 RPM

    Out on the lake (Whatcom) last night for #2 kid's 13th birthday, after running fine for about 1 hour, issue started with loss of about 500 RPM and 5 MPH, then 10 MPH, after about 5 mins i was down to running around 1200 RPM and limped home. Any attempt to add throttle results in engine bog.
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  • Replaced Fuel Pump - Engine stutters on hard acceleration - Fine otherwise

    After reading through the fuel pump 101 thread, I went ahead and replaced the fuel pump+filter on my 2000 XStar (205V 330HP LTR). I was able to get an Airtex2044 equivalent from my local Carquest.

    Took it out to the lake yesterday and it worked great EXCEPT under one specific repeatable...
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  • Ran Out of Gas Last Night - Is there hope?

    For three years, on my new to me '06 Maristar 210 (MCX), I have diligently kept gas in the tank. On the way home from my son's final run - it happened..... Embarrassed that I let this happen, I called a friend who brought five gallons of gas. Dump it, boat didn't crank, so I was towed. I drained...
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  • djnord
    started a topic Spare Parts to Have on Hand

    Spare Parts to Have on Hand

    So I learned the hard way over the weekend that you should never read the fuel gauge on my new to me 06 X-45 while underway. It resulted in running out of gas on my way back to the marina (5 miles away). We got that handled without too much trouble.

    So now I've read that running out...
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