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  • tmothy07
    started a topic Large Gas Can/Caddy Recommendations

    Large Gas Can/Caddy Recommendations

    Hey everyone, we moved ourselves and another boat into lifts on the lake. We're planning on using gas cans to fuel our boats and were wondering if anyone had any recommendations. We'll have to wheel across a yard to some stone stairs, so not insanely large. Looking to get two of whatever y'all reco...
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  • Boat choking out with throttle but keeps fuel psi

    I have a 2001 xstar with the 5.7 predator 310 hp engine. It recently started doing the following out of the blue:
    It starts normal, idles normal, and runs normal in gear (both fwd and reverse but not giving any throttle, just "in gear"), but once you give it any throttle, it will get...
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  • '89 Tristar 190 5.7L Indmar w/ 1:1 Velvet Drive HELP!

    So I purchased a 1989 Tri-Star 190 Open bow a week ago, this is my very first boat/MasterCraft. I was unable to drive the boat first on water (I know, I know) but picking it up for less than 2 grand I figured it was worth it. So beyond that the hull is in awesome shape and the engine ran strong on the...
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  • Dkattman
    started a topic LT1 unable to keep idle alive

    LT1 unable to keep idle alive

    Recently purchased a 95 prostar 190 with an LT1, don't think it has the power slot. replaced water pump, mufflers, stats, impeller, etc. Otherwise appears in great shape. First time on the water it seemed to run fine. Last weekend it started just fine, died at idle after a minute or so. Then I...
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  • davisnate
    started a topic Water in gas from gas cap

    Water in gas from gas cap

    I have one of the few outboard MasterCrafts (Prostar 200, 1989). It is a great old boat, but the gas cap is in a low spot on the bow of the boat (facing straight up). When it rains, a little water puddles up in that low spot and ends up in the gas. There is an o'ring in the cap that looks to be in good...
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  • Ninjaneer
    started a topic 1986 fuel pump issues

    1986 fuel pump issues

    My fuel pump is going in and out. I've narrowed it to that because the line on the inlet side will have gas in it but the outlet line is dry. I can't seem to find a fuel pump that looks like mine. I found the Airtex 6696 that is the same, but nobody seems to carry it anymore and I don't want a fuel...
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  • ZeusCannon
    started a topic Looking for pull/ got $$$

    Looking for pull/ got $$$

    I'm looking to do some year end skiing near the knoxville area. willing to drive, and provide gas. Thanks please help out a fellow!
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  • Jeepnrg
    started a topic Prostar 190 Shopper

    Prostar 190 Shopper

    We are looking to purchase our first Mastercraft Prostar 190 for the lake. We live on a good sized lake in Maine and I am familiar with Mastercrafts from teaching water-skiing on Lake Champlain in the early 2000s. We are currently looking at late 80's 190's (like the ones I drove before) and I am...
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  • Gas Guage, Bilge Pump and Blower are all not working

    I just bought a used Mastercraft 03 - X30. The Gas Guage, Bilge Pump and Blower are all not working. I assume these are all on the same circuit and their is a fuse or breaker issue but unable to locate it on the boat. Can someone tell me where it is or if they think it's some other issue?
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  • dlboltond
    started a topic Gas smell at idle

    Gas smell at idle

    I have a 1992 Maristar with a 351 Indmar and a 4160 (i think) 80319 Holley 4 bl.

    I am getting a strong gas smell at idle - people in back are getting loopy. It seems as though it is idleing pretty slow ~200. Could low idle be the problem, or is it just running to rich? Otherwise it...
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  • rudaire
    started a topic Fuel tank suction

    Fuel tank suction

    Just added fuel for first time to 02 xstar (obviously just got the boat..). Gas cap was REALLY hard to remove, and as I was unscrewing it, when the seal finally started to break I could hear a LOT of air rushing by the seal. I don't mean a small psst like popping a soda can. Like 5 full seconds of...
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