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  • ISO Single Line Perfect Pass Gauge

    Hey guys,

    Does anyone happen to have one of the older style PP Single Line Gauges laying around?
    I'm about to do the Analog Gauge upgrade on my 02 X-Star, but wanted to update the PP gauge as well.
    Mine was white, but has faded to a yellowish. I can deal with the color...
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  • TexasTyler
    started a topic 02 X-Star Gauge Replacement Question

    02 X-Star Gauge Replacement Question

    Hey guys!!

    New Member here! Long time lurker - First time poster.

    I've got an 02 X-Star and the gauges have been intermittently working since I bought it 5 years ago. There was an awesome thread on here about replacing all the gauges and MDC with analog gauges by Faria....
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  • kevlash41
    started a topic Gauges not working

    Gauges not working

    Hey guys. I have an 06 x-star. Last summer about the last couple time we took the boat out, the gauges were not working at all. The perfect pass worked and the depth meter worked but none of the others were. Seems like they were just not getting power to them. Hard to believe all the gauges just went...
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  • Patsprostar2051a
    started a topic Gauge upgrade recommendations needed

    Gauge upgrade recommendations needed

    Planning to upgrade all the gauges i.e. volt, oil, temp, tach, fuel, and hours on my 97 Prostar 205 / LT1. Looking for recommendations / opinions as to what are the best gauges to buy, who is the best manufactures, which are most reliable, and least expensive. Would also like to hear about your experience...
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  • johkur
    started a topic Gauges or display works, but not both

    Gauges or display works, but not both

    Got boat reupholstered where they basically ripped everything out, and also at the same time they installed a GoSurfAssist. Afterwards, the gauges were dead. Spent $300 with dealer to be told I needed a new Viper, and then had another dealer charge me to come up with same diagnosis, so I went and...
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  • davesus
    started a topic Gauges not working 2002 Prostar 205V

    Gauges not working 2002 Prostar 205V

    All of my gauges have stopped working. I have read through countless threads on TT about the possible causes and trouble shooting. Hoping it's not the MMDC because they are SO expensive! Looking for some additional guidance. When I turn the key, I have power to the radio and I hear the fuel pump run...
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  • Skilavender
    started a topic FYI Medallion Gauges Broken???

    FYI Medallion Gauges Broken???

    Medallion will still make gauges. I just ordered the set for my 2002 Prostar 197. PM me if anyone is interested in the contact information
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  • Barefoot 200 Dash Rebuild

    Hey everyone,

    New to being a Mastercraft owner, bought my first one last fall, Sept 2014.

    All my switch panels on my dash are pretty much toast, the plastic is so brittle just looking at it makes it want to chip away.

    I decided to take the whole dash out...
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  • sssnake
    started a topic 07 245SS Engine Swap

    07 245SS Engine Swap

    I have been lurking on this forum for a while and appreciate all of the contributions of the members.

    I have an 07 245SS (it was sold to me as an X45 but I believe it is actually a 245SS) with the Crusader Captain's Choice 5.7L motor. It started developing issues (primarily electrical/ecu...
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  • ndavio51
    started a topic Replacement Gauges for '00 PS190

    Replacement Gauges for '00 PS190

    Hello All,

    I'm looking for a set of replacement gauges for my '00 PS 190. I talked to my local dealer and they are Medallion Gauges which are hard to come by for my year. A few of the domes on the gauges are cracking and on of the bezels has broke in two pieces.

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  • h2oskiluvr
    started a topic ballast tank gauge accuracy??

    ballast tank gauge accuracy??

    I have a 2013 x14v I purchased towards the end of last summer. The first computer stopped working and they put in a new one in the fall when the boat was winterized. I've only been out a few times and already I am getting major funky readings on the ballast tank readings.

    I will fill...
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  • Thaiwake
    started a topic Medallion MMDC

    Medallion MMDC

    Hi guys,

    Got gauge problems on my 2004 X Star, the gauges flicker and twitch when I turn the key but none of them rise. Checked the connections and fuses and they are all good. I unplugged each gauge and still had no luck, took a voltage reading on the wire harness and got normal levels...
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  • Spork
    started a topic New White Face VDO Clock

    New White Face VDO Clock

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  • woodrowskis
    started a topic Fuel Gauge inacurrate

    Fuel Gauge inacurrate

    2002 Mastercraft 197:
    I am about to search history again but did not find the advice I was looking for last time. Anyway fuel gauge reads wrong. It does read now. It used to say empty. Dealer replaced fuel gauge, now it reads but it is not accurate. I don't mean not perfectly calibrated. It...
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  • livid
    started a topic Flashing "ECU" trouble? 05 245

    Flashing "ECU" trouble? 05 245

    I purchased a 2005 Maristar 245 with 51 hours about 2 months ago. I test drove the boat the day I purchased it and once a few weeks before and it ran great. When I got it home, it had to sit for 3 weeks due to the weather being cold.

    So the first warm day, I took it to the water. When...
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