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  • 2014 X10 Gen2 Surf - Actuator Replacement

    Need help Team Talk. The surf tab actuator is stuck in the up position and the dash indicator indicates it is deployed at "85". It appears the actuator needs to be replaced. I have a few questions.

    1. Based on all my research and examing the cryptic codes on the actuator itself...
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  • EarlyriserX9
    started a topic New X23 Owner - Rear Ballast Question

    New X23 Owner - Rear Ballast Question

    I'm loving our 2016 X23 so far, but have a quick question and after searching everywhere I can't seem to find a thread that covers it.

    Does anyone know how heavy the stock rear ballast bags in the X23 are? They seem really small and I'm considering removing them so I can utilize the...
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  • Need help deciding between new Mastercraft XT20 and Malibu VTX!?!


    I have a 2001 Xstar that I am looking to replace. The lake I use the boat on has size (weight and length) restrictions so these are really the only two new boats I can get.

    I've driven and ridden behind both Mastercraft XT20 and Malibu VTX. We probably ski 20% of the...
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  • Gen 2 Ballast Bags - x10 / x30

    For sale a pair of perfectly good gen 2 rear ballast bags from a 2015 X10. I have moved to a different size bag for space reasons so no longer need the stock gen 2 bags. Looking to get $150 for the pair
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  • Immaculate 2013 X2 w/Gen 2, Loaded with options

    *** SOLD *** Immaculate condition LOADED Gen 2 equipped 2013 X2 Black w/ gunmetal flake and lime green accents.

    This boat definately get's attention....

    For anyone ready to step up to a Gen 2 boat, this boat is the one you have been waiting for as it was...
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  • Sweir1171
    started a topic WTB: looking for something w/ gen 2

    WTB: looking for something w/ gen 2


    I’m in the used market for something around 22ft with the gen2 system. Initially was looking at a new nxt22’s with their spring sale and last year discounts. But now I’ve turned to the used market for something a few years old in the X or XT series.

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  • 2015 X46, 6.2L, MasterCraft Warranty 7/2020 $99,750

    The X46 is one of MasterCraft's most versatile boats for wakeboarding, wake surfing, and even water skiing. There's plenty of room for all of your friends and the deep-vee easily cuts through rough water keeping everyone comfortable and dry. I bought this boat new when my kids were in high school. Now,...
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  • LDA6339
    started a topic Swapping/Upgrading Gen 2 Bags

    Swapping/Upgrading Gen 2 Bags

    2016 X30, looking to swap the stock fat sacs for 750's. Is anyone willing to trade? If not, does anyone know what I need to get from wakemakers other than the sacs in the realm of fittings? (if any) Lastly I have 2 400lbs sacs I'm about to want to sell. PM me if you are interested.

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  • gwa09120
    started a topic Gen2 MCx2 ballast set up

    Gen2 MCx2 ballast set up

    I'm new here so I'm sorry if this has been asked but I just picked up my first Mastercraft with Gen2 and I'm having a few issues with the additional ballast bags. Once you connect the water inlet line does everyone leave the fat sac air valve in place? I don't have a screw in quick connect piece to...
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  • icecold
    started a topic GPS in Gen 2 for X30 2016

    GPS in Gen 2 for X30 2016

    How difficult s it going to be to get GPS installed on my unit. I thought it game with the upgrade package but when I select GPS it tells me to call my dealer! I did and he is working on it but I thought I would ask if anyone else has gone through this.


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  • Hemmer
    started a topic 4.5 Screen Upgrade

    4.5 Screen Upgrade

    Has anyone upgraded the 4.5 inch Gen2 Surf Screen to the 7 inch?

    I purchased the 2014 X10 and was disappointed that the user settings could not be saved for different riders, defaults etc. (unless i have missed something!!) The dealer told me the software was the same as 7 inch touch...
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  • Yamaharider111
    started a topic 2013 X Star Gen 2 Setup and help?

    2013 X Star Gen 2 Setup and help?

    Hello Everyone,

    So I recently made a major upgrade to a barely used 2013 X star with pretty much every option you can order plus Gen 2 installed. I came from a 2011 Sanger 215 that I had set up pretty good for surf, but in reality its like going from a Ford Pinto to a Ferrari ! Ive...
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  • Gen2 4.3" Murphy Screen & Billet Cover

    When I bought my 2014 X30 it came with the 4.3" screen and I converted the screen to the 7" touch screen. With the upgrade I ended up with a New (used maybe 20hrs) 4.3" Murphy Gen2 screen with cable. I am selling the screen for $800.00+Shipping. The new 7" touch screen cost me...
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  • Finley's X-25
    started a topic Gen 2 Surf System

    Gen 2 Surf System

    I purchased the Gen 2 Surf System to have installed on my 2013 X-25 but my dealer could never get it scheduled over the summer and now they've shut down. I am likely getting ready to order a new X-23 so I have no need for this system or its components.

    I have the Gen 2 Surf System including...
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  • h2oskiluvr
    started a topic x10 Gen2 Upgrade costs?

    x10 Gen2 Upgrade costs?

    What are people paying to upgrade their 2013s to Gen2?
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