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  • PeterAK
    started a topic Heater Location--'92 PS190

    Heater Location--'92 PS190

    About to dig in to installing a heater on my ‘92 Prostar 190. I think this is the spot to mount the core—lag bolt into these? Based on the spacing I think I’ll need to attach a treated board to the boat and then mount the heater to the board, as I’m in installing a three vent heater and it’s...
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    started a topic heater question

    heater question

    Hi, So i have a 2001 x star 330 hp. It has the Heater Craft low idle Wye valve installed correctly. Every once in a while the small hole in the y valve gets clogged from shale or what knot and stops proper flow.
    I've noticed that other new heaters are much warmer at all speeds. I assume that...
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    started a topic Heating Core 2016 x-23

    Heating Core 2016 x-23

    Team- I have a 2016 X-23 and I just put the boat in the water to “de-winterize” it. As I was leaving the dock the bulge pump kept dumping water. Then boiling water and steam started to come out of all of the heating vents. Opening the front center hatch I could see water streaming in. Tracing the...
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  • Mathewfamily
    started a topic Battery Switch Fail

    Battery Switch Fail

    I am getting some voltage surging when the key is one. I put an ohm meter on the batteries and noticed that there was a voltage drop surge on one of the batteries when the key is on. Nothing running but the BIG screen. It is only coming from one of the batteries so I swapped power to the other battery...
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  • Zasby
    started a topic Upgrade Heater

    Upgrade Heater

    It's pretty cool at the moment over here in Perth Australia. We have a 2015 X30 with a factory heater. Calling it a heater is definitely an exaggeration, more of a luke warmer. Has anyone upgraded the factory 'heater'? Any suggestions?
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  • 2005 X45 LQ9 Heater Connection at Engine

    I am installing a heater in my 2005 X45 with the Cadillac LQ9. Does anyone have pictures of where to connect the heater valves to the engine? It is a closed cooling system. Any recommended valves or where to purchase?

    I want to get the boat out early this year

    Thanks for...
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  • justinlkgb
    started a topic 04 x star factory Heater location

    04 x star factory Heater location

    Can anyone tell me where the factory location for a heater is? I have searched and cannot find any info on it. Also where have the tubes been placed for heat? I purchased the mastercraft heater kit from Heatercraft with the 3 vents and one hot tube.

    Thanks for any help you...
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  • Timr245
    started a topic 08 X-2 heater winterization

    08 X-2 heater winterization

    Well I winterized my 08 X-2 today & when I tried to get both heater hoses off to blow it out 1 would not come off. So I left it attached and blew air through the 1 that came off. Lots of water came out of the block drains (knock sensor mounts) and also some out of the impeller housing. Is this sufficient...
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  • gruvnfunk
    started a topic Heater for X-Star 2000

    Heater for X-Star 2000

    Last year my heater started leaking water so I removed it. Rather than try and get it fixed I stupidly threw it away. I can't believe I threw it away... not sure if it could be repaired or not. Does anyone know what kind of heater goes into this boat? It had two vents. If you could comment with...
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  • MC209
    started a topic Heater


    My heater does not kick out warm air in my boat. I got a buddy with a x-25 and he said his only kicks out warm air when he is moving along and not toodling around. So last night I went around our local lake a couple times at 35 with the heater on, and still no heat. any ideas?
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  • AFX-15
    started a topic Heater Problem

    Heater Problem

    I have a 2009 x-15. I have used the boat 3 times since the weather was finally warm enough for some cruising. The first two times I went out, the boat will warm up to 160 degrees and the heater blows nice hot air. The third time I took the boat out, the heater wont work. The lights on the switch turn...
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  • j4rowell
    started a topic Little Heat from Heater during idle

    Little Heat from Heater during idle

    I've seen this issue on an old thread but not sure where. During idle I have less heat coming from my system. Obviously this makes sense, but what are you guys doing to fix this? Heatercraft recommended this Y-Fitting...
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  • Speaker Locations and heater install in '02 TT

    This will most likely be my first of many posts...

    I recently purchased a 2002 Tournament Team. #77 of 100 for that year. It's working out to be a great ski boat. Although the boat came with the LQ9 PowerSlot and PP 6.3, it is missing some of the creature comforts that I would like to...
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  • shunra
    started a topic Luke Warm Heater

    Luke Warm Heater

    I am having problems with my heater. It is at best luke warm. It is the same temperature at all RPMs. I did the installation myself including the y pipe. There is no temperature difference between idle and full throttle. The engine is the RTP1 and I have the heater core installed behind the drivers...
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