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help with tbi x

  • linzandscott
    started a topic 1997 prostar cold start issues

    1997 prostar cold start issues

    I have a 1999 Prostar 190 (title says 1997 but my fingers are fat) (Chevy 350 TBI) that SOMETIMES after sitting it will not fire up. Like when we go out for the day to get our fun started, it has a hard time starting. Once it does start up there is never another issue that day. Sometimes it will go...
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  • Jroddorminey
    started a topic Raw Water Pump help

    Raw Water Pump help

    In mid July, I purchased a 1995 Maristar 225 vrs with the 5.7 tbi. Boat had 280 hrs to which we've already added 30 more. The boat has run flawless up until today.

    This morning during our early morning ski session, we began hearing what sounded like a squealing belt accompanied by...
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  • dmaxxx
    started a topic Temp Sensor reason for running rich?

    Temp Sensor reason for running rich?

    I have a 2000 x star that I have owned for years. Recently she starting running super rich. I have tested fuel pressure (TBI) and it is a very steady 30psi, so we are good there. I have had what I thought was a bad temp gauge for a year, but now I am thinking it s a bad sensor and maybe it is sending...
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  • Pulling My Hair Out Over TBI Fuel Delivery

    1999 \ 5.7 \ 310 \ TBI
    Winter got the best of me after doing everything I thought possible to winterize my boat.
    This was the first winter I've ever stored my baby outside and we had the worst winter in decades.
    About a month ago I pulled all four covers off and started to de-winterize...
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