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  • Jonmmm
    started a topic ZFT7 tower fluid

    ZFT7 tower fluid

    2018 xstar with ZFT7 tower. Any one know what kind of red fluid goes in the little Hydraulic reservoir?
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  • KWSC
    started a topic Hydraulic Boat Lift problem

    Hydraulic Boat Lift problem

    looking for some advice on our boat lift. We bought a used Shoremaster Hydraulic Cantilever lift last year. It ran ok but we kept on having to charge the battery after lots. When I would move the lift I would have to do about 4 full cycles (without the boat on it) and that would be enough to completely...
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  • Slurms Mckenzie
    started a topic Motor Cover Hydraulic Arms

    Motor Cover Hydraulic Arms

    Hi I did a search but could not find the answer, does anyone know where i can order the hydraulic arms that hold the motor cover up on a 2005 X-Star, both of mine have gone out and the motor cover wont stay up now.

    Thank you,
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