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  • Fastcars
    started a topic Boat shuts off when idling

    Boat shuts off when idling

    Hello all,
    This is such a great page of knowledge on the Prostar thank you for sharing. I hope I get my 205 running for the 4th or I am a dad who will be in the dog house.

    I have had my 1993 out a few times this year the first time it started cold but after turning over ran great....
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  • mattV
    started a topic LT1 High Idle , Help Needed

    LT1 High Idle , Help Needed

    Hi, My father build a custom wooden boat with a 95-97 Indmar LT1 TBI out of mastercraft prostar. The boat has high idle issues (1200 with correct timing 10deg BTDC), but we have retarded timing in order to get the idle down temporarily.

    Here are the troubleshooting steps. TPS and IAC...
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  • Czechmate
    started a topic Shaking like a big block mopar

    Shaking like a big block mopar

    I just picked up a 1984 Stars and Stripes and have a diagnostic question: at idle the motor shakes, not really like a worrisome shake, but more like a 454 with a big cam at a red light. The motor sounds good and runs well , I did notice it puff out a little white smoke this morning when I started it...
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  • Dkattman
    started a topic LT1 unable to keep idle alive

    LT1 unable to keep idle alive

    Recently purchased a 95 prostar 190 with an LT1, don't think it has the power slot. replaced water pump, mufflers, stats, impeller, etc. Otherwise appears in great shape. First time on the water it seemed to run fine. Last weekend it started just fine, died at idle after a minute or so. Then I...
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  • sheyski
    started a topic Engine Overheating

    Engine Overheating

    We have a 1994 Prostar 205 with the Corvette LT-1 engine. We've had over-heating issues with the boat ever since we bought it, where it acts like one of the 2 thermostats stick and overheats when you first warm up the boat. About the time we idle out of the no-wake zone in our cove, the engine gauge...
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  • badgerjfr
    started a topic magor issues... HELP!

    magor issues... HELP!

    hello all,
    im a new member and recently bought a 1984 ss knowing it needed a lot of work. challange accepted. after working on this thing for a couple months im at a loss. fisrt ill tell you what i know has been done to the boat then ill tell you my problem.

    rebuilt 351 windsor...
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  • dlboltond
    started a topic Gas smell at idle

    Gas smell at idle

    I have a 1992 Maristar with a 351 Indmar and a 4160 (i think) 80319 Holley 4 bl.

    I am getting a strong gas smell at idle - people in back are getting loopy. It seems as though it is idleing pretty slow ~200. Could low idle be the problem, or is it just running to rich? Otherwise it...
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