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  • Pdo89
    started a topic Spark plugs/ wire

    Spark plugs/ wire

    Looking to replace the spark plugs and wires on my 2016 x2 with the 5.7 ilmor. Has anyone done this? Did you order all ilmor parts or could you use ACDelco parts from a local parts store ?
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  • mrhodes12
    started a topic starts then dies

    starts then dies

    I have a 2019 Nxt 20 with 78 hours on it. I started it and pulled off trailer to the dock and the engine died and will crank but not more than 1-2 seconds and die each time. Anyone else out there have this problem, it has been at the dealer for 3 weeks and neither them nor Ilmor have found the solution....
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  • Ilmor MV8 Engine Fault Codes - Indmar ECM Fault Codes - Service Manual v1.2

    For those that have the Ilmor MV8 Engines years 2011-2015 you may have an Indmar Electronic Motor Controller onboard. The fault codes reported can be found in this manual:

    Indmar Marine Engines
    Service and Diagnostic Manual
    For Electronic Fuel Injection Systems...
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    started a topic ILMOR 7.4L SPARK PLUGS, which ones?

    ILMOR 7.4L SPARK PLUGS, which ones?

    Don't see anything in my manual for part # for new spark plugs. Whats everyone using? Its for a 2016 X23, 7.4L Ilmor. Thanks for any input.
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  • Fuel Pump on 2016 MC X23 with Ilmor 7.4

    Had the dreaded fuel pump go out on my 2016 MC x23 with the Ilmor 7.4. (75 HRS) It has dual fuel pumps, which I am assuming is the updated Millenium module. Don't want to buy the whole thing. One pump comes on the other wont. Does anyone have the part # for just the pump? Why 2 Pumps and are they...
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  • Tfhtech1
    started a topic 5.7 5000 mpi 3 for sale ilmor

    5.7 5000 mpi 3 for sale ilmor

    I have 3 if these and need the room in the shop all have less than 20 hours 2 haven't even had there first oil change I bought them for another project. But now I need to recoup some cash I will guarantee them to run perfect. Please send any questions I'm in the boat repair business so can help in anyway...
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  • 2015 X25 Engine Replacement Experience


    Have you ever had a Ilmor engine failure warranty claim? How long did it take and what was your experience?

    Long Version:

    I'd love to know if anyone else has gone through a similar experience I am right now and what your outcome looked like. I'm in...
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  • PurdueSkier
    started a topic Newer Prostar Owners Question

    Newer Prostar Owners Question

    So i'm looking at trying to get into a newer Prostar with the 5.7 Ilmor.

    How many of you guys ski a high hour MC? What are typical major maintenance time frames.

    I'm not talking about a daily cruiser... i'm talking bout a slalom tractor that's lived on a ski lake....
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  • 4stauffers
    started a topic 6.2 ops long block price

    6.2 ops long block price

    Does anyone know the cost of a Ilmor 6.2 (blue motor) long block?
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  • xstaraus
    started a topic 7.4lt or 6.2lt Fuel Economy Xstar

    7.4lt or 6.2lt Fuel Economy Xstar

    Hey guys,

    Looking at and 2 2013 XSTAR'S. Almost identical spec, both have GEN 2 Surf Tabs fitted.

    One has a 7.4 and the onther has a 6.2. Wondering what the fuel economy difference between the 2 is? is it a huge difference? anyone got any info to compare the 2?
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  • kookoo
    started a topic X25 fuel pump... Help!

    X25 fuel pump... Help!

    Hey TeamTalkers,

    Finally got boat rigged and ready for weeklong vacay at lake with out of towners ... And boat dies third pass. Lots of people on here mention picking up a pump at Autozone or the like.. Anyone know which part? I have a 6.2 Ilmor. I think we could hack th repair if...
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  • h2oskiluvr
    started a topic 2013 Ilmor 5.7 Hydrolock

    2013 Ilmor 5.7 Hydrolock

    So I get the news late today that the initial diagnosis is hydrolock. It's a 2013 with 39 hours.

    I was told this is very rare and I am not seeing any information on the web about this. That said, it has happened.

    What's the fix for this? Is it going to take a new engine...
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  • GoBolts
    started a topic Shower Installation

    Shower Installation

    I bought a HeterCraft shower (no pump) and I am going to attempt a self install on my 2013 X30 with the 6.0 Ilmor. I am curious where any of you have spliced into the Hot and Cold lines on this particular engine and any tips you have. I installed a shower on my 2001 Nautique but that particular shower...
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  • Need advice: 2012 X2 (used), possible to add electronics package?

    Hi all, I'm looking to get a used X2. I've found a couple 2012's that I like but it looks like neither one comes with the electronics package (i.e. the display that lets you save settings per rider, etc.). What is this actually called? Is this the pro package or something else? I'm a bit surprised...
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  • TPep
    started a topic 2012 MasterCraft X-25 $83,999

    2012 MasterCraft X-25 $83,999

    2012 MasterCraft X25

    This boat is FULLY loaded and gorgeous. The X25 sits on one of the deepest V hulls in the MasterCraft lineup giving it unparralled handling in rough water, this hull also happens to churn up an insane wakeboard and surf wake. The X25 produces a slightly more vertical...
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