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  • Charalampos Pavlidis
    started a topic TBI injection parts

    TBI injection parts

    TBI Rochester fuel pressure regulator!
    Looking for information

    Hello to everyone! Happy new year!!!
    I am looking for the fuel pressure regulator (orange membrane with the spring) for the Rochester TBI 2BBL system for Indmar 5.7.

    I am looking for the 30psi...
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  • dpb185
    started a topic Indmar LTR Water Pump

    Indmar LTR Water Pump

    I'm going to the lake all next week and I figured I'd be crazy not to have a spare raw water pump impeller. I decided not to replace the impeller in the spring, mainly because my list of things to do to get the boat ready for the water was just too large. It seems like an easy fix and easy to diagnose...
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  • Ilmor MV8 Engine Fault Codes - Indmar ECM Fault Codes - Service Manual v1.2

    For those that have the Ilmor MV8 Engines years 2011-2015 you may have an Indmar Electronic Motor Controller onboard. The fault codes reported can be found in this manual:

    Indmar Marine Engines
    Service and Diagnostic Manual
    For Electronic Fuel Injection Systems...
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  • 2000 X-Star Cranks but thats it...

    First of, I have to thank this forum, the wealth of knowledge you can find here is unparalleled. I read through a pile of wont start threads including the newest thread and while I may have the same problem as others reading those threads made me think my issues is unique but who knows, I am hack mechanic...
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  • Fuel Pump Inlet Issue. Indmar Pump Conversion.

    Doing an Indmar fuel pump conversion (pre-1999 5.7L) due to ours crapping out and new ones being completely unavailable. We’ve got the old pump out, but the new pump (silver) does not have threads on it’s inlet while the boat has a brass threaded fitting on its hose. They are both genuine...
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  • 5.7 Chevy Indmar motor Parts

    It came out of a 96 Sammy duvall. Block is cracked, i bought new block from Michigan motorz. I would like to sell the heads, and camshaft and pistons. the oil pan and oil pump still good. Any other questions I may have more parts as well.
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  • 96sammyd
    started a topic 96 Prostar cracked block

    96 Prostar cracked block

    Hi guys,
    I have a 96 prostar 205 Sammy Duvalle. I took it in to get some work done well they noticed a crack around the plug. They called wanted to make sure it was ok to hook it up run it... well now we have chocolate milk oil. So it has a 5.7 Indmar engine, what the best option??? I havn't...
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  • Belt cross reference for lsa supercharged


    I recently bought a 2011 x star with the indmar 6.2 supercharged lsa engine. The belts are stretched, and the tensioner is rubbing against one of the other pulleys. Iā€™m just wondering if anyone has had any luck cross referencing a car belt. Te indmar part numbers are 725041 and...
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  • 14.5x 14.25 Prop, 5.7 Indmar, 5200 rpm 35mph

    Hello all,
    I installed this prop at the recommendation of acme, and it knocked nearly 20mph off my top speed? I hit the rev limiter of the engine... which I'm confident is not supposed to happen. Is my experience normal for a 2002 xstar with 3 passengers?

    Thanks in advance,...
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  • 2010 Mastercraft X2 - 5.7L Indmar Engine Overheating

    I have an overheating issue with my X2.

    At idle, everything is good. I have water circulation (I can see water movement in the strainer) and the temperature is 165 F. I take is out on the lake and increase the rpms and the strainer empties and the engine heats up (200 F). I've removed...
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  • crazytek
    started a topic 1992 Maristar 240SC w/ 454

    1992 Maristar 240SC w/ 454

    For Sale - 1992 Maristar 240SC, red & white, has optional Indmar 454 H.O. engine. This rare Maristar with cuddy cabin is a must-see! Fantastic for lakes and even bigger waters. Only 2 owners and the original owner was my father. He bought brand new in spring of '93, and I have owned it since...
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  • Is the ECM the only way to know the true hours?

    Question! My friend has a 2007 X15 w/ the MCX. His ECM went bad and he replaced it with the same model ECM, but it was used and from another MCX with high hours. Now his boat says it has 500 more hours than it really does. Is there a way to see the hours that are on his boat, or does the ECM hold all...
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  • SkiEngr
    started a topic ETX/CAT Help

    ETX/CAT Help

    I'm not sure if this is the right thread, but I am badly in need of a Indmar ETX/CAT, Port side for a 5.7L engine. I am scheduled to take my boat to Arkansas in just over a week and I have a busted exhaust manifold (port side). No one seems to have one available. Anyone out there happen to have one...
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  • 2008 X-45 400HP indmar vortec power train relay fault

    2008 X-45 400 HP indmar vortec, engine is cranking but not firing. Voltage on dash remaing above 10.5v even when cranking and oil pressure rises.
    diagnostic software kicking out:
    SPN 66014 power train relay contact fault
    FMI 4 voltage below normal.
    I have just replaced...
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  • SkiEngr
    started a topic Indmar CAT Re-plumb kit

    Indmar CAT Re-plumb kit

    So, I bought the re-plumb kit from Bakes Marine for the Indmar EtxCAT. Supposedly, it is supposed to re-route the water such that the CATs don't overheat or get as hot. Great idea - unfortunately, there are zero (0) instructions, pipe diagrams, or even a parts list with the kit. Anyone have any experience...
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