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  • Shoremaster 4000lb vertical lift

    Hey guys, it pains me to say it but I sold my 05 197 prostar. I still have a two year old lift for sale. Its basically brand new, has probably been raised/lowered maybe a dozen times (hence the reason for selling the boat...) we have kids under 3 so we live on the pontoon now... Anyway, Its a Shoremaster...
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  • blizzmet06
    started a topic Wanted - Boat Lift Connecticut

    Wanted - Boat Lift Connecticut

    Wanted boat lift in Connecticut or nearby. If you know of anyone selling please let me know. Thank you.

    Mastercraft Prostar 195
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  • Boat colors for boat stored on a lift

    I will soon be ordering a new boat and I am trying to consider colors. I have always trailered my boat, washed and dried it after every use, and stored it in the garage. I will soon have access to a lift so the new boat will be stored outdoors on the lift. I am used to keeping my boats looking brand...
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  • Approx price for Hydra Hoist 6600lb

    Sorry, HydoHoist, not Hydra Hoist.

    I have the opportunity move my boat from dry stack storage to a wet slip with a floating lift. I'm trying to find out more of the particulars regarding the lift but it appears to be a + or - 5 year old 6600lb HydroHoist lift. Owner is asking $4k....
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  • thebull
    started a topic Lift Bunks

    Lift Bunks

    Does anyone know how far apart to set the two bunks on a lift for a NXT20?

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  • wilkiesc
    started a topic Boat lift help

    Boat lift help

    Hoping to get a basis of what to expect to pay for a shore mate used boat lift, install and potentially winter storage. My family just got a place in northern Indiana and although I'm a fairly seasoned boat owner (end of 4th summer at age 27) I'm new to the lift game. Best brands? Can I move and install...
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  • willyt
    started a topic Lift help!!??

    Lift help!!??

    Hey guys,
    I'm considering investing (err throwing money away) on a lift for the xstar. I know there are tons of threads out there on lifts but my situation is very unique.

    I'm a member at a boat club on a river that has floating docks with lots of depth (10') and a muddy bottom....
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  • Wheelin98TJ
    started a topic 6k or 6.5k lb boat lift for 2005 X-Star

    6k or 6.5k lb boat lift for 2005 X-Star

    Looking for a boat lift for my 2005 X-Star.

    Something in the 6,000-6,500 lb weight rating range would be ideal.

    Within 200 miles of SE Michigan / Toledo, OH area is preferred, but I will travel further for the right deal.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can ...
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  • calls311
    started a topic Boat Lift Mfgr and Ideas

    Boat Lift Mfgr and Ideas

    I am looking at putting in a lift - any suggestions or other experiences with boat lifts would be appreciated. What manafacturer(s) should I look at ? What about pulling it in the winter ? I am at a private lake so marina services are not an option. The water is fairly shallow at the dock area...
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  • millsrj
    started a topic Boat Lift Modifications

    Boat Lift Modifications

    Grab a coffee, this is a long story.

    I bought a used boat lift about a month ago. It is a 3000 lb Dock-Rite vertical lift with a wheel winch. My shore drops off quickly to about 88" of water over about 9" of muck. I get someone to clean and re-weld all the welds, plus I get them...
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  • j4rowell
    started a topic I got hosed Tommy

    I got hosed Tommy

    Just bought a lift and trailered it home. The guy told me up and down it was a 4k lb lift. As I was unloading it a sticker near the base caught my eye. 3k lb lift. I don't know how the heck I missed it before. What to do? Loading it back up and driving several hours back to the guy is not an option....
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  • gustafson
    Guest started a topic Boat lift for 1988 Prostar 190

    Boat lift for 1988 Prostar 190

    Hi, I'm looking for a lift for a 1988 Prostar 190. The best info I have on weight came from this post claiming 2200lbs? That being the case, I assume a 3000lb lift is adequate. Does this seem logical or does that post not include engine (or other substantial component)? I think the 800 lbs is adequate...
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  • Daniel G.
    started a topic Sunstream Boat Lifts - Used

    Sunstream Boat Lifts - Used

    Does anyone have any experience with Sunstream boat lifts? I am considering purchasing a 2003 Sunstream Sunlift (SL 4010 ERS) for my 2003 Mastercraft X-2 and I am interested in any particular concerns or pitfalls I should be aware of? I know the cylinders coud go - but how long can I expect the lift...
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  • GMAC
    started a topic Anyone have a boat track/rail system

    Anyone have a boat track/rail system

    I have been looking into these rail transport systems and curious if anyone here has one. Seems like a great idea but just concerned they might not be that reliable???
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