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  • RPM reduction (limp) overheat

    My 02 Maristar 230 with Indmar 330VRS had this issue last week. As soon as I launched and left the marina it went into RPM Reduction mode with a slow flashing CEL. The temp had not yet reached 160 and oil pressure was good. (Because of all kinds of issues I did the MMC delete about 3 years ago and all...
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  • NYMC
    started a topic Safe mode question

    Safe mode question

    As a relative newbie to the MC world, I have a question for all of you experienced people out there. After putting about 15 hours on our 2011 X-25 since de-winterizing this season, I got a "Service Required" message and the boat went into a safe mode (won't go above 3000 RPM). Prior to that...
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  • BoarderGuy03
    started a topic 2005 X10 Limp Mode - Help!

    2005 X10 Limp Mode - Help!


    I have a 2005 Mastercraft X10 with the MCX 5.7L engine, 850 Hours.

    Recently the boat has been going into "limp" or "Guardian" mode. It will only go in and out of gear (600 RMP Max) until I shut the boat off and restart it. When it goes into this...
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  • 2006 x15 mcx 5.7 crank position sensor misfire


    This is my first post and know that this problem may have already been discussed in the past but I couldn't find a definite answer anywhere.

    I have a 2006 x15 with a mcx 5.7 350, this my 3rd season with it and never had a problem but replaced the fuel pump.
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  • haylewilson14
    started a topic ECU Flashing 06 Xstar

    ECU Flashing 06 Xstar

    My ECU has been flashing on my xstar for months now, can only get it to plane out with minimal weight in the boat, none of my gauges work on the dash, and engine seems to be in limp mode. I've already tried testing the batteries, battery connection, gauge panel fuses, and replaced wiring for batteries....
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  • Edmund
    started a topic Limp Mode with stargazer operating

    Limp Mode with stargazer operating

    For the past 6 years on the 2005 197tt I have not been able to use Perfect Pass when I am skiing. Everything is running fine but after the 2-5th hard pull the boat drops to limp mode. No temp issues and easily reset with turning the boat off and on. Now that my boys are starting to pull harder also...
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  • 06 X30 MCX cranks fine then surges or dies (especially in reverse)

    2006 X30 MCX was running perfect after de-winterization and maintenance. Placed a friend's old perfect pass digital display in place of the original digital display (original digital display was holding moisture and not always showing display). Ran great on perfect pass. Turned perfect pass off. Engine...
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  • 96 Ps Lt1, New Boat Has Been A Nightmare Please Help

    Let me start off and say hello and I am glad to be on here and I appreciate everyone's advice. So I bought my 1996 205 LT1 last year 2016 at the end of the summer. When I test drove the boat it ran absolutely great. I purchased it for 12,500 in hopes of getting a great boat that I that would be a toy...
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  • 1994 LT-1 Loses Power Under Load - Sometimes

    We have a 1994 Prostar 205 with LT-1 engine. Every so often, our boat decides to play games with us. It's been doing this for several years. It happened before we replaced our fuel pump 2 or 3 years ago, (which was also causing other issues) and it continues sporadically today. We can go weeks without...
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  • 2003 Excalibur, 5.7L, engine sporadically dies at idle

    Ref my ski buddy’s 2003 5.7L PCM Excalibur engine, 1670 hrs, mechanical throttle linkage, normal mx accomplished annually.

    The boat is used 4-5 times a week; normally, 3 ski sets each time out. It is kept outside on a lift. The past month or so, the engine will either not start...
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  • jmhjgh
    started a topic Limp mode in 96 PS205: what can cause it?

    Limp mode in 96 PS205: what can cause it?

    As a follow-up to an earlier post about limp mode in a 96 PS205.
    What can cause limp mode on a 96 Indmar 350 PS205? No dash light on the dash for either transmission temperature or check engine light. I did try and jump the OBDI terminals to read any stored codes, but I could not get the light...
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