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  • Can anyone tell me what this part is

    I have a 1997 Mastercraft Maristar with the LT-1 engine. I am leaking water out of the pipe that goes between the heads. They are attached to the heads by banjo bolts....
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  • lyttlems
    started a topic Thermostat housing 1999 LT-1

    Thermostat housing 1999 LT-1

    I found a crack in the lower thermostat housing in my 1999 Maristar with the LT-1 motor. The part is stamped with "Indmar" and "53-1014". Apparently Indmar no longer makes or sells this piece. Does anyone know where I can find one? It looks like Indmar modified the normal GM...
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  • Johnson raw water pump losing prime

    Can someone give me a little insight on a Johnson raw water pump? Mine is mounted directly to the front of the crank shaft on my LT-1 and uses an 812 impeller.

    I believe the raw water pump is self priming, but I never noticed the problem I am having now with my previous 80 SS boat. My...
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  • 80starsmn
    started a topic How hot is too hot?

    How hot is too hot?

    I hope this is not another LT-1 temp saga thread. I would just like to know what is too high of a temp to see on a LT-1. I have a 96 Prostar190 LT-1, Hurth 1:1, new 160 (drilled) top and 143 lower T stats, steam tube service bulletin complied with, new impeller, no obstructions in cooler strainer...
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  • 1994 LT-1 Loses Power Under Load - Sometimes

    We have a 1994 Prostar 205 with LT-1 engine. Every so often, our boat decides to play games with us. It's been doing this for several years. It happened before we replaced our fuel pump 2 or 3 years ago, (which was also causing other issues) and it continues sporadically today. We can go weeks without...
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  • jrcolnago
    started a topic 1995 Prostar 190 LT-1

    1995 Prostar 190 LT-1

    I am selling my 1995 Mastercraft Prostar 190 which has the LT1 Corvette 320hp fuel injected engine. It has 663 hours and has been pampered. It has always been kept in the car port and trailered to the water. I just changed the battery, impeller, spark plugs and spark plug wires as a basic tune-up. This...
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  • LT-1 fuel pump INDMAR barely used

    Just purchased a new INDMAR fuel pump for my 1995 LT-1 just a week ago (external not in tank). Unfortunately it did not fix my fuel problem. I did install it for no more than 15 minutes. Have the box it came in. After finally using a fuel pressure tester ... My old pump is just fine. ...
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  • Winterization and de-winterization videos

    Just for fun....
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  • Having trouble pulling harmonic balancer

    I'm having quite a bit of trouble pulling my harmonic balancer. I am using a harmonic balancer puller, yet can't get it to budge. I have a 95 Prostar LT1, First off, using the bolts that came with the puller as I was cranking the main bolt down, the bolts that bolt the puller (grade 2) to the balancer...
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  • 95_190_PS_PS
    started a topic Working on LT1 engine swap

    Working on LT1 engine swap

    I'm working on swapping my LT1 engine with a cracked cylinder wall. I have the engine stripped down to the block and the replacement engine sitting in my back yard right now. I'm not sure if I want to build a platform to raise my engine hoist up of if I should borrow my neighbors pickup truck and...
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  • Getting Cold and I haven't winterized

    OK, so it is going down to 32 over night tonight, and down to 27 Saturday morning.

    Late this summer, I bought a '95 Prostar with the LT-1 and a closed cooling system. I was planning to do my first winterizing this weekend... I don't have a warm place to put it until the weather clears...
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  • 80starsmn
    started a topic Draining LT-1 block

    Draining LT-1 block

    Longtime self-winterizer (PCM 351) first time LT-1 winterizer. I am a run the engine till it's warm with water then run in anti-freeze until it comes out un-diluted in the exhaust. I then remove the two (2) manifold plugs and two (2) block plugs (one is knock sensor), and remove impeller cover to...
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  • 80starsmn
    started a topic LT-1 items 1996 PS 190

    LT-1 items 1996 PS 190

    New to me, 480hr 1996 Prostar 190 LT-1. I am just trying to get my maintenance items together. I have gathered bits of info from other threads someone please confirm I am correct on these replacement items for the 96 LT-1:

    Oil-synthetic 20w-50 (boat runs in Minnesota waters)
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  • 80starsmn
    started a topic Prostar 190 LT-1 vs Standard TBI

    Prostar 190 LT-1 vs Standard TBI

    Hello, I am looking for your inputs on my buying decision. I am looking for a mid 90's Prostar 190 as a replacement for our 80' Stars and Stripes. While I know the upgrade in hull will be awesome alone, I am torn on the choice between a model with the LT-1 or one with the standard 275hp TBI 1:1.5...
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  • JLeuck64
    started a topic LT-1 Spark plug wires

    LT-1 Spark plug wires

    My new set of plug wires showed up today. Ordered them from

    Couldn't be happier, they are very well made, fit perfectly and all the wires are numbered already.

    I know other owners with the LT-1 have struggled either locating these or coughing up the...
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