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  • willyt2112
    started a topic 1998 ProStar 190 LT1 Questions

    1998 ProStar 190 LT1 Questions

    If any of this is naïve, then at least its honest. Just got a 1998 ProStar 190 LT1 with 1100 hours on it from brother in law. Is there anything particular that I need to know about this? It runs great and is in good shape but just wondering... Fuel gauge bounces and thus far, at 1/8th tank it only...
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  • Davis
    started a topic Prostar 205 Windshield

    Prostar 205 Windshield

    Hi everyone!

    I'm looking for some help in finding a windshield for my 1997 Prostar 205. The port side windshield was smashed up in a storm before I purchased the boat and I'm finding it quite difficult to find anything even close to the original. I would prefer an OEM option as I want...
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  • 1997 Prostar 205 Sammy Duvall Restoration

    I wanted to share this recent purchase with everyone here and see if anyone has any comments or advice for me as I go through the restoration process. I purchased this boat at the beginning of October 2020. It was owned by a local marina who used it as a leisure boat rental for the previous summer (don’t...
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  • CapeH20Skier
    started a topic WTB - '95 Maristar 225 / LT1 Parts

    WTB - '95 Maristar 225 / LT1 Parts

    In process of purchasing a '95 Maristar 225 VRS with the LT1 Corvette Engine. I heard the ignition parts can be difficult to source - does anyone have them or a line on where to purchase? Also - the prior owner removed the center ski pylon - appears to be a scabbed in section of deck with carpet matching...
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  • estol
    started a topic 1995 mastercraft 205 lt1

    1995 mastercraft 205 lt1

    1995 mastercraft 205
    Only reason for selling is because I'm moving to Africa.
    Very well maintained
    Have lots of life jackets, tubes, skis, and ropes that can be purchased with boat.
    Corvette lt1 330 hp
    1072 hour
    Interior is showing its age but functional....
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  • Moxam
    started a topic LT1 1994 water pump leaking?

    LT1 1994 water pump leaking?

    Ok so I need some help. Just rebuilt the raw water pump all good. Just took it for a test drive and I have a stream of water coming down onto the crankpully and belt from the water pump on top is there a seal up in behind that connect to cam etc? How hard to rebuild the circulating pump and how to...
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  • 1995 Mastercraft Prostar 190 LT1 Corvette Engine


    We are selling our Prostar 190, which is the best ski boat I've ever been on. The boat is in great shape overall. I purchased a new OEM Mastercraft cover for it less than two seasons ago. The boat sits inside, so the cover is still like new. It also has new rims and tires on...
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  • lmunson
    started a topic Jabsco LT1 Raw water pump

    Jabsco LT1 Raw water pump

    Old Jabsco raw water pump is wobbling so time to replace. Has anyone tried the Jabsco 50410-1201 pump? It's specified for the larger 454 C.I. engine, but it looks like the only difference is the 1201 is full cam and the stock one is half cam. Meaning as sold the 1201 delivers more water/ RPM. Does...
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  • Bearclaw
    started a topic 94 lt1 fuel pump

    94 lt1 fuel pump

    On dale hollow lake looking for 94 lt1 fuel pump any help would be appreciated
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  • Tuberski
    started a topic 98' Maristar 225v LT1 Starter

    98' Maristar 225v LT1 Starter

    Hey guys, in a dilemma and need some advice. What is a reasonable cost for a new starter for the LT1 engine on a Maristar 225 and how difficult is it for someone who just replaced the alternator and prayed that was the issue. (It was not)
    I was quoted $400 and honestly the even number is bothering...
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  • 96 Ps Lt1, New Boat Has Been A Nightmare Please Help

    Let me start off and say hello and I am glad to be on here and I appreciate everyone's advice. So I bought my 1996 205 LT1 last year 2016 at the end of the summer. When I test drove the boat it ran absolutely great. I purchased it for 12,500 in hopes of getting a great boat that I that would be a toy...
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  • '96 Prostar 205 LT1 Engine Power Loss

    I purchased a 96 Prostar 205 in March and it has ran great through the summer up until this past weekend. When I go wide open throttle, the boat planes out and run good for about 10 seconds and then the engine starts to lose power, but only for a split second at a time and then its back to running like...
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  • '94 Mastercraft Maristar LT1 motor.. Kicking over but not engaging

    Hello.. I'm new to this forum and have had my boat since last year and have not had any problems with it. It only has 400 hours and has plenty of life in it. I have 2 questions re the starting issues I am currently experiencing. I know it is electrical issue as I tried switching battery switch while...
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  • 1995 PS190 LT1+Powerslot One Stop Shopping List

    Hi, been reading TT for awhile now and stealing lots of good info from it. I've been working on doing some deferred maintenance on the boat, so I've been looking at a lot of more random parts. I thought I would post all of my research/parts list in one spot for those that might be in a similar situation....
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  • mcerick
    started a topic Engine Cover advice

    Engine Cover advice

    going to be tackling new carpet in my PS 190 before spring and upon doing so while i have the hatch off i would like to put the correct foam/insulation in the hatch as there is none right now except for the old glue. Is there a certain kind of Insulation or foam that is to be used in this area or what...
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