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  • bparelskin
    started a topic Check Engine Light MCX

    Check Engine Light MCX

    I have a 2007 X14 with the 350 HP MCX (Chev 350 cc engine). I'm getting a Check Engine light and went to put a code reader on it, but the connector is a 10 PIN vs a 16 pin connector. Has anyone found out how to read the codes from the dash display? Is there a reader adapter that works? I've already...
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  • lukejackson1
    started a topic 2006 XStar MCX

    2006 XStar MCX

    I have a 2006 XStar that has been giving me fits for 9 months now. At first it wouldn’t even turn over, brought it to the shop and that replaced the distributor cap and the grounding block. Got it to the river and it cranked up and as soon as it was put in gear it shut off. So back to the shop it...
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  • BELLA XStar
    started a topic Xstar won't start no spark

    Xstar won't start no spark

    Well hope I don't get taking advantage of tomorrow. Taking my 06 xstar with max motor to mastercraft tomorrow. It turns over but won't start. Doesn't have any spark. Ran fine then had all the upholstery redone now won't start. I read all the threads on team talk with no change. Good fuel pressure, power...
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  • wallos
    started a topic selling 06 X1 with low hrs

    selling 06 X1 with low hrs

    Selling my pampered X1. Only has 247 Hours which is currently lowest on market. Always stored indoors. Vinyl in perfect condition: no tears, wrinkles, or stains. MCX 350HP Engine runs perfect, freshwater only. OJ 845 15x13 4 blade performance prop. Installing a New Perfect Pass Star Gazer. MC Bimini...
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  • Momsboat
    started a topic What should it sell for?

    What should it sell for?

    I have a 2006 Mastercraft Maristar 200VRS with the 350 MCX engine. It has all the X-2 options ( hard triple ballasts, tower with full swivel board racks, heater, cruise control, fiberglass platform with rubber inlay, full cover, Bimini, and trailer with fold away tongue. The engine had around 200 hours...
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  • frankster1969
    started a topic OJ 13.7 x 17 V HC

    OJ 13.7 x 17 V HC

    Posted this before, but messed up the title and can't change it so here we go again...

    I believe this is the factory prop, came off a 2005 x-10 with 5.7 MCX 350

    $200... I'll split the shipping, just send me a zip...

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  • djr47
    started a topic 05 MCX X-star dies and now won't start

    05 MCX X-star dies and now won't start

    Took the boat out for the first time this season after winterization. Started up fine and cruised around the lake for about 20 minutes. Oil, volts and temp gauges all reading fine. Couple hours later went out for a wake session, boat fired up fine and rode for probably 5 minutes. While turning around...
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  • ConroePat
    started a topic Knock sensor on an MCX 350

    Knock sensor on an MCX 350

    This weekend, I drained my block but for some reason, only a few drops of water came out of the block after taking the knock sensor out. On the other side, after removing the drain plug, water came out profusely. I was expecting just as much water from either side. I ran the boat again, drained it again,...
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  • Bwardz50
    started a topic '05 MCX 350 Vortec stalling

    '05 MCX 350 Vortec stalling

    Hey everybody, thanks for reading this. I have an '05 x2 MCX 350 with about 250 hours. recently I've been having an issue where after pulling my kids on the tube for a while, the engine will stall out while under load. The radio also shuts off as well as all of the gauges. then about five...
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