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  • linzandscott
    started a topic 1997 prostar cold start issues

    1997 prostar cold start issues

    I have a 1999 Prostar 190 (title says 1997 but my fingers are fat) (Chevy 350 TBI) that SOMETIMES after sitting it will not fire up. Like when we go out for the day to get our fun started, it has a hard time starting. Once it does start up there is never another issue that day. Sometimes it will go...
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  • 99 ProStar 205v Super Nice b4 idiot ran us over

    Folks... trying to turn lemons into a jello shot or something better than what i've got.

    I have (what was) a super nice 99 205v with approx 450 hours on the motor. I was pulling tubers with my teenage girls and we got ran over by another surf boat who didn't see us picking up our downed...
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  • 4stauffers
    started a topic 2014 6.2 x25 -- Bad Motor

    2014 6.2 x25 -- Bad Motor

    I am in the process of purchasing a used x25 -- upon inspection the boat would not start, oil had water and the spark plugs were rusted - codes show it overheated 2x once at 190 and once at 220. I realize the motor is shot. This does have the salt water package. Any ideas on what a new long block would...
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  • Dreamin' MC
    started a topic Remote control for Lift-Mate

    Remote control for Lift-Mate

    Does anyone know if an after-market remote control for a truck/ATV 12V winch would work with a Lift-Mate boat lift motor? It would be a much cheaper option than what Shoreline Industries is asking people to pay for their remote accessory.
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  • Slurms Mckenzie
    started a topic Motor Cover Hydraulic Arms

    Motor Cover Hydraulic Arms

    Hi I did a search but could not find the answer, does anyone know where i can order the hydraulic arms that hold the motor cover up on a 2005 X-Star, both of mine have gone out and the motor cover wont stay up now.

    Thank you,
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