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oil pressure

  • Trhodes
    started a topic Constant Beep When Running 2003 x2

    Constant Beep When Running 2003 x2

    I have a 2003 x2, and it runs mechanically perfect. However, whenever I crank it after a few minutes in starts this constant beep sound that will make the sound system cut out. The sound will play continuously for about 7 minutes and then cut off, and about 5 minutes later it will start again. It...
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  • grantman
    started a topic Low oil pressure 2008 xstar

    Low oil pressure 2008 xstar

    2008 xstar has low oil pressure warning alarm reading below 10lbs on gauge with following information .

    Mcx 5.7L motor
    360 hours
    Oil level normal

    No milky appearance in oil

    Oil pressure perfect at idle, in reverse under load, and when taken...
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  • loss of oil pressure when accelerating

    I had my boat out for the first time this year (still somewhat of a rookie boat owner). I had an immediate issue with my oil pressure (or at least the guage). The oil pressure was fine at idle - hovering around 40. However, upon acceleration it would drop to the point where it would hit zero and the...
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  • quallsdw
    started a topic 2002 X-Star... Alarm Won't Stop Coming On...

    2002 X-Star... Alarm Won't Stop Coming On...

    PLEASE HELP! My mechanic is at a loss, as am I.

    The alarm keeps coming on after about 5 minutes from initial start-up. It will stay on for about another 5 minutes, then go off. Then it comes back on after about another 5 minutes. Keeps doing this.

    What are all the possible...
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  • Thaiwake
    started a topic Oil Alarm MCX

    Oil Alarm MCX

    My boat is a 2004 X Star with the 5.7L MCX. I had a Check OIL alarm warning on the Tach. The alarm went off after running for about 40 mintues. At last check the oil pressure seemed OK, but I switched off the engine straight away without checking the reading. I checked the cooling system, oil cooler...
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  • gomattgo
    started a topic High Oil Pressure

    High Oil Pressure

    We just pruchased a 2001 X-9 with 54 hours on it. The oil pressure at idle is 55 psi, and climbs to a maximum of 80 psi with the engine running. I put a manual oil gauge on just to confirm, and it does idle at 55 psi, so I know it isn't the gauges. Is this something I should be concerned with? The...
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