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  • I finally got one! 87 Prostar 190

    Winter project acquired! I picked it up Sunday, after scouring FB marketplace and craigslist for months. As far as I can tell (using east tx skier's checklist), it's a good boat for a fair price. There's a laundry list of things that need doing, but most of it is cleaning, basic maintenance, or...
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  • PeterAK
    started a topic Heater Location--'92 PS190

    Heater Location--'92 PS190

    About to dig in to installing a heater on my ‘92 Prostar 190. I think this is the spot to mount the core—lag bolt into these? Based on the spacing I think I’ll need to attach a treated board to the boat and then mount the heater to the board, as I’m in installing a three vent heater and it’s...
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  • Searching for that Elusive PS205 - In Excellent Condition

    Been searching for an excellent condition MasterCraft PS205.

    Owned a 1998 PS205 with a LT1 - love the sound on that motor - Short Lived Ownership.

    Owned a 1996 PS205 with standard engine - Interior vinyl more durable than the 98' (in my humble opinion). Purchased...
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  • 1993 PS190 Driver Seat Removal Help

    I need some help with removing the driver seat from my PS190. I am trying to replace the speaker to the side of it and also clean up the rails so it slides. It was seized but I have managed to crow-bar it to get it to line up the holes in the seat bottom over the rear 2 screws. But, unfortunately,...
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  • 1987PS190
    started a topic 1987 prostar 190 raw water pump

    1987 prostar 190 raw water pump

    Hello team talk... I just returned from a tour in the middle east and decided to pick up a present for myself. I've never been fortunate enough to ski behind a true inboard ski boat but have always wanted to and I was lucky enough to find an 87 PS190 in my price range. I have yet to see her with my...
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  • 1995 PS190 LT1+Powerslot One Stop Shopping List

    Hi, been reading TT for awhile now and stealing lots of good info from it. I've been working on doing some deferred maintenance on the boat, so I've been looking at a lot of more random parts. I thought I would post all of my research/parts list in one spot for those that might be in a similar situation....
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  • 87 ps190 tach quit after main breaker reset

    did the search thing and couldnt find anything on it, anyway, i added a sub and amp to the system and was wakeboarding today and it poped the main breaker on the back of the engine again, the first time it did it i just shut it off, reset it and off we went again. the volt gage would shoot to 14 and...
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  • baseman422
    started a topic New prop for 1994 PS190

    New prop for 1994 PS190

    Hey everybody, we have a 1994 PS190 and last night we "re-shapped" our prop putting her back on the trailer. This was a horrible experience and a valuable lesson at the same time.

    what prop would be sugested to replace it. it was factory as ar as I know. Pulled great, topped...
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  • OnHiatus
    Guest started a topic Need a trailer compatible with a 1991 PS190

    Need a trailer compatible with a 1991 PS190

    Well, I finally sold my trailer last year after paying to store it for 5 years and never once using it.

    So of course now we are moving away from the floating home and I find I need a trailer. The good news is there's a garage space for a boat. Also the new house is less than a mile from...
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