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  • Hawgdriver
    started a topic Anyone repair Jabsco Ballast Pumps?

    Anyone repair Jabsco Ballast Pumps?

    I could’ve sworn in the past I saw that somebody on team talk repairs Dallas pumps. My searches came up empty except for a few discussion threads on how to repair and possibly source parts yourself. Does anyone know of anybody that repairs/rebuilds the jabsco ballast pumps?

    Thank you!!
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  • tdp94
    started a topic Upholstery Options For Redoing 2005 X10 Interior

    Upholstery Options For Redoing 2005 X10 Interior

    Hi, all. I recently purchased a 2005 X10 (my first boat). The boat has been well maintained mechanically (with records and all) however the previous owner did not do a great job with the vinyl, on top of it having 15 years of use. So it's time to replace it!

    I've found an upholstery...
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  • 1995 ProStar 205 Windshield Door

    Hi y'all.

    Due to some shifting in the passenger side windshield that needs addressed and some jerry-rigging prior to us owning the boat, the metal hinge on my center walkthru windshield needs replaced. Anyone have any sources/ideas for finding a replacement hinge, or if not perhaps a...
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  • MCRules
    started a topic Glove Box Problems '03 X-30

    Glove Box Problems '03 X-30

    Hi All,
    I had a weird thing happen to my glove box. The gas shock arm mount to the lid broke free of its mount and broke the plastic liner shell underneath. Does anyone know if I can buy the lid as its own part, or even the plastic liner shell by itself? Part numbers and sources for purchase...
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  • Looking for Windshield for 1994 Prostar 205

    This weekend we had a pretty freak accident. As we came down off of crossing a giant wake from a fishing boat, our port side windshield shattered into the boat . I've tried options like Taylor made but they will not make us a single piece of glass, I was wondering if anyone had any leads on a starboard...
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  • Damage / Restoration = High Pitch Whining Noise

    Hi Friends - finally restored the hull on my 03 PS 197 TT from the guy who owned it before me who apparently drove it onto land more than water. Regardless, hull under water looks new after old repairs including bondo, paint, you name it wer removed and done right with new fiberglass and gel. Sanded...
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  • Mastercraft_man
    started a topic ’93 Prostar 190 Prop Issue

    ’93 Prostar 190 Prop Issue

    Hello everyone. I had my boat on the Arkansas river today and hit something with my prop. I wasn’t sure if I had hit anything with the prop but when I accelerated to about 10 mph the boat would start shaking. I got it out of the water and examined the damage and my prop was tore up (about a half inch...
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  • jelee9
    started a topic my lcd display can not be touched.

    my lcd display can not be touched.


    i bought secondhand prostar 2015 from US to south korea.
    but my lcd can not be touched.
    (display works find.)
    i contacted korean dealer. but they have no repair service.
    they said i should buy new one. but it is too expensive over $10,000
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  • Restoring 1998 Prostar 205 - Help!

    Looking for seats, dashboard, instruments for my 1998 Prostar 205...Engine and hull are in great shape, White with red and black accents.....
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  • larrydears
    started a topic Hull seam/Rub Rail repair

    Hull seam/Rub Rail repair


    Experienced boater new to the group and new to MC. I just purchased an 87 ProStar for a good price and "broke it in" at Lake Powell. Not a "lemon" because it is a MC and runs like a top! ... But while fighting some serious chop my passengers saw water pouring...
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  • wakesurf6786
    started a topic Used 1998 X-Star Pricing

    Used 1998 X-Star Pricing

    I'm looking to get into the Mastercraft family in the near future! I've grown up around boats with I/O's but want to get a family boat that we can surf/wake-board behind mainly. But with some slalom occasionally.

    I've come across a 1998 X-Star locally, not v-drive, that has a new...
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  • Barefoototis
    started a topic 89 Tristar fuel tank

    89 Tristar fuel tank

    I've been having trouble with my Tri-Star water keeps getting in the fuel tank .
    It is a plastic tank under front seat in it seems to have worped allowing the water to collect on top of the tank and run into the fuel where sending unit and pick up clip to I have tried to seal it using silicone...
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  • MCx10
    started a topic 2004 Mastercraft x10 Fuel Pump

    2004 Mastercraft x10 Fuel Pump

    I'm sure there are multiple threads about this but searching wasn't fruitful. Moderators please close thread and link to a similar one if exists.

    I own a 2004 MC x10 with MCX 350 engine (see pictures). I can provide more pictures if needed. Seems like the fuel pump is starting to give....
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  • ryan_kc13
    started a topic Repairing a Scratch.

    Repairing a Scratch.

    Hi all it was the first time I could take out my new to me 2008 MasterCraft X30 I was putting it on the lift and there were screws sticking out. It was calm and came in and as the back was approaching the wind picked up and spun the boat into the screws. Anyways it is a fairly deep scratch and...
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  • Unable to disconnect Steering Cable - 95 PS190

    I have. 95 Prostar 190 LT1 - I am a first time boat owner less than 1 year. Loving it. I have a steering issue. Under power while in a left turn, it is very stiff trying to straighten the boat and when.I release the wheel, the rudder does not self straighten. Everything I have read says to grease or...
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