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  • Davis
    started a topic Prostar 205 Windshield

    Prostar 205 Windshield

    Hi everyone!

    I'm looking for some help in finding a windshield for my 1997 Prostar 205. The port side windshield was smashed up in a storm before I purchased the boat and I'm finding it quite difficult to find anything even close to the original. I would prefer an OEM option as I want...
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  • 1997 Prostar 205 Sammy Duvall Restoration

    I wanted to share this recent purchase with everyone here and see if anyone has any comments or advice for me as I go through the restoration process. I purchased this boat at the beginning of October 2020. It was owned by a local marina who used it as a leisure boat rental for the previous summer (don’t...
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  • Bringing an 89 Prostar back to life

    Hi everyone,
    Earlier this year I picked up an old Mastercraft as a project. It had been sitting for years and I knew it would need a bunch of work. It was complete and had run a couple years ago when a friend of mine started to restore it.

    I am new to ski boats so I figured it...
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  • N8111z
    started a topic WTB Prostar project

    WTB Prostar project

    Looking for a older Prostar to restore! Mostly interested in a 190 from 80s through mid 90s, but would look at any models! Still in college so not looking to spend tens of thousands of dollars. If anyone knows of a beat up prostar needing some love, let me know! I am located in North Idaho.
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  • Dash Repair Question

    I have a 1999 SportStar that has a molded black dash. The covering at the top of the dash is coming off. I would like to take the dash off and apply another covering but I don't know what to use. I've considered black Flex-Seal, from a spray can but I don't know how durable it is and I don't want to...
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  • nickw0804
    started a topic ISO: 1983 Stars

    ISO: 1983 Stars

    I'm looking to add a classic to our boat repertoire:

    1983 Stars & Stripes
    - Glass stringers
    - Project boat maybe?
    - Trailer
    - Midwest location (I'm in Metro-Detroit area)
    - Preferably blue on white
    - No unsightly mods (tower, speakers, etc.)...
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  • aswoape
    started a topic Rear Seat Box Build

    Rear Seat Box Build

    I have a 1990 PS 190 and am wanting to build a new rear seat with storage to replace the existing factory seat. I have seen online the box method and was wondering if anyone has tried this or has any other price friendly recommendations!?
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  • Stars & Stripes metalflake question

    Just picked up a stupendous 1978 S&S and I can't find a prior helpful link on this...

    I'm wondering if anyone has experienced the apparent darkening of the color in metal flake. Mine's green, kind of a jade almost teal look, it should be kind of lime color according to what's under...
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  • wakesurf6786
    started a topic New to me 2004 X30!!

    New to me 2004 X30!!

    So excited to say I finally pulled the trigger on a Mastercraft! I’ve always had a stern Drive boat growing up but I’ve wanted my own true inboard for years now. It needs some work for sure. The prior owner did not seem to do much more than oil changes and impeller changes. Vinyl is newer but...
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  • Airguide Restoration Parts

    Classic Boatworks is no longer carrying Airguide parts.
    When we run out of what we have no replacements are being made.

    We are also no longer restoring Airguide speedometers.

    If anyone would like to buy parts in bulk let me know.
    I am also considering...
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  • 1980 Mastercraft Stars and Stripes Brown Metal Flake and Cream Restoration

    Hello everyone,

    I am creating this thread to document my journey on restoring my 1980 Mastercraft Stars and Stripes and to (try) offer any others any help in their restoration projects. I may be adding a little too much detail into this but I want to look back in x amount of years and be...
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  • MasterCraft Prostar 1985 UK HELP!

    Hi there i have a Mastercraft 1985 pro star and I'm looking to start restoring the boat. Im after any places where i can pick up parts easy or anyone who i can contact who can help me get the correct parts. Im finding it particularly hard to find out info on what Ignition coil i need and what battery,...
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  • Barefoot 200 Dash Panels For Sale

    Hi There

    I have an extra set of panels for the Barefoot 200 Dash. I did the project myself and it was a complete success. Ran all summer with the new switches and not one single issue!

    I have for sale

    3 Panels. 1 left panel with Barefoot 200 logo and hole...
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  • Bucky508
    started a topic 1994 Prostar restoration

    1994 Prostar restoration

    Hello ALL!

    I am new to the forum but have been a lurker for quite some time. I love restoring boats and learning as I go along. I recently completed a Checkmate 13ft restoration. My next challenge is a 94 Mastercraft Prostar 205. First year of the EFI. I always loved the Mastercrafts...
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  • Circlehook9
    started a topic Wakesurfing boat conversion

    Wakesurfing boat conversion

    So I've been looking for a little and want to restore an old boat maybe somewhere in the 90's.
    I also would like to make it a small Wakesurfing boat. I have looked at old Pro star 190's and I like the price tag but they sit very low in the water and are not open now. I have also looked at Tigé...
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