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  • tdp94
    started a topic Upholstery Options For Redoing 2005 X10 Interior

    Upholstery Options For Redoing 2005 X10 Interior

    Hi, all. I recently purchased a 2005 X10 (my first boat). The boat has been well maintained mechanically (with records and all) however the previous owner did not do a great job with the vinyl, on top of it having 15 years of use. So it's time to replace it!

    I've found an upholstery...
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  • N8111z
    started a topic WTB Prostar project

    WTB Prostar project

    Looking for a older Prostar to restore! Mostly interested in a 190 from 80s through mid 90s, but would look at any models! Still in college so not looking to spend tens of thousands of dollars. If anyone knows of a beat up prostar needing some love, let me know! I am located in North Idaho.
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  • aswoape
    started a topic Rear Seat Box Build

    Rear Seat Box Build

    I have a 1990 PS 190 and am wanting to build a new rear seat with storage to replace the existing factory seat. I have seen online the box method and was wondering if anyone has tried this or has any other price friendly recommendations!?
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  • wakesurf6786
    started a topic New to me 2004 X30!!

    New to me 2004 X30!!

    So excited to say I finally pulled the trigger on a Mastercraft! I’ve always had a stern Drive boat growing up but I’ve wanted my own true inboard for years now. It needs some work for sure. The prior owner did not seem to do much more than oil changes and impeller changes. Vinyl is newer but...
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  • Bucky508
    started a topic 1994 Prostar restoration

    1994 Prostar restoration

    Hello ALL!

    I am new to the forum but have been a lurker for quite some time. I love restoring boats and learning as I go along. I recently completed a Checkmate 13ft restoration. My next challenge is a 94 Mastercraft Prostar 205. First year of the EFI. I always loved the Mastercrafts...
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  • Airguide Replacement Lens and Pointer available

    Airguide Replacement Lens and Pointer
    I finally found a company to make replacement lenses for Airguide Speedometers
    I am also having the most common pointer reproduced.
    See the Special Pre-Production prices at

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  • oldbluetruck
    Guest started a topic Old Stars and Stripes

    Old Stars and Stripes

    I found a very rough boat that I think would be a great project for me and my two teenage sons. It was last registered in 2002 and it appears to have been practically full of water for several years. The drain was plugged with leaves so I was able to drain the hull but the engine had been under water...
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