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  • jpete
    started a topic leaking rudder issue

    leaking rudder issue

    2010 x15 the rudder has play and leaks water - im reading about a bushing and o-ring
    anyone have experience with this repair - I know I can send it off but looking for the easy way so I can hit the lake.
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  • Bigben
    started a topic Rudder shaft dimensions

    Rudder shaft dimensions

    Can anyone tell me the rudder shaft dimensions for part# 200162 or 200178 rudder? I have a 1995 Maristar 200vrs that I have owned for a year now. Recently the rudder came loose, I guess sheared the cotter pin and is now at the bottom of the lake. I do not need a new rudder port. I just want to get...
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  • New rudder makes PS 209 turn left violently.

    Recently bought an '03 PS 209. Went to dealer for check up & motor alignment. It was difficult to make a left turn at speed. Dealer said need strut & rudder since they are both bent & need new rudder tube, since new rudder won't fit in old tube. Got all thoses parts installed & motor...
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  • Bubbacuse77
    started a topic 197 Rudder change

    197 Rudder change

    I've seen a couple posts about guys swapping out the early model 197 rudders for the 2006 and newer ones but I couldn't find one specifically on my year with the winged rudder so I help this helps someone else in the same "boat".

    I wanted to know the following when searching and...
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  • Sharobike
    started a topic hard steering left under power

    hard steering left under power

    my 95 maristar 200vrs is very hard to turn left under any power. ive replaced the steering cables this summer. i am now wondering if the rudder is bent? any advice would help!
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  • Rudder, Rudder port, Strut problems

    Had my boat in the shop last week and the guys working on the boat pointed out my rudder and rudder port were bent like the boat had hit a stump. Looking more into it we believe the strut may be bent as well and possibly the prop shaft. My fault for not inspecting the boat better when I purchased it....
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  • lazyade
    started a topic Rudder wobble (2005 XStar)

    Rudder wobble (2005 XStar)

    I've noticed that there is a small amount of play in my rudder (if I grab the rudder from under the boat and push it left to right), the play is probably about 1mm. I fitted a new lip seal at the top part of the rudder at the beginning of the season. It's not letting water by.

    Is the...
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  • richies
    started a topic 84 stars and stripes rudder and strut

    84 stars and stripes rudder and strut

    Its high summer in New Zealand and I have skied the last seven days.

    Yesterday though I had a disaster on the water - hitting an un-marked rock while towing a friend. I have lost the rudder completely, damaged the prop, twisted the prop strut, and there was some minor gelcote damage...
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  • ACM197
    Guest started a topic 2006 Pro Star 197 "Swimming" tracking issues at higher speeds

    2006 Pro Star 197 "Swimming" tracking issues at higher speeds

    On my 2006 197; MCX w/ 1:1 and ACME prop, at higher speeds and flat water, it slowly starts to drift/swim/float a little to the right and left when pulling a footer. This problem is intermittent--not sure if it has something to do with the slow current and angle of attack, or a possible bent rudder?...
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  • Shontsy
    Guest started a topic Steering Stiff AND Not Stiff. What?!

    Steering Stiff AND Not Stiff. What?!

    OK, I've tried to do some research here on "stiff" steering, and everyone that had stiff steering in the past seems to have had a cable issue. And, their steering is usually stiff at ALL times.

    But I've got something different going on. The steering on this 1983 S&S I'm...
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  • dringler
    started a topic Turning... Takes off to Right AND Left

    Turning... Takes off to Right AND Left

    I'm new to this forum, but I've searched and read some of it a few times.

    Anyway, I've read several posts about turning / "alignment" / and filing the rudder, etc... However, I think my problem may be a little different... My steering wheel feels incredibly loose and if I let...
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  • 81star
    Guest started a topic 81 Star and stripes rudder/steering issue

    81 Star and stripes rudder/steering issue

    The steering on this boat has a lot of play. It causes the steering to grab a jerk. Mainly noticeable when turning back right (If I recall correct). Kinda snaps right. It's out of the water now and I'm looking at the parts. The ball joint/pivot near the rear has a lot of play causing the cable to move....
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  • mcskier
    started a topic Rudder play

    Rudder play

    I was giving my boat the once over the other day and I noticed that there was some slight fore & aft play in my rudder. Is this about normal or there something I can do to snug it up a bit? Maybe re-grease with the grease ports?
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  • Best rudder & prop for '05 PS 197 w/MCX?

    Looking for some insight from the members out there on the Team Talk message board. I have a 2005 Prostar 197 w/ the 350 hp MCX motor. It has the stock rudder and prop. I know a lot of people have swapped out the rudder and prop to improve the wake and driving (tracking) characteristics.
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  • Zalamander
    started a topic Rudder Loose

    Rudder Loose

    I have an '82 stars and stripes and I noticed the rudder has about 1/2" up and down play in it, as well as some play in steering. Last weekend I was at the lake with a friend who has an 87' prostar and he has no play in his rudder at all. Does anyone know what could cause this play in...
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