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  • BooneDog
    started a topic 83' S&S Engine Temp Issue

    83' S&S Engine Temp Issue

    Hi all. When hooked up to a hose, pushing water through the engine, the boat will idle endlessly at 140F. When in the water and idling, temps will rise to 180F. But when I raise the rpms and move 20+MPH, temps get back down to 140. I've pulled and changed the impeller which appears to be fine. I also...
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  • tmothy07
    started a topic 1984 Stars and Stripes

    1984 Stars and Stripes

    Hey y'all,

    Looking for cheap, old ski boats and came across this S&S near Houston.

    Messaged this guy and he has no idea how many hours are on his boat, but insists its been taken care of. I think 8.2k is way high (especially nearing the end of summer), but wanted to...
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  • Sborkovetz
    started a topic WTB barefoot boom for 1985 s&s

    WTB barefoot boom for 1985 s&s

    Looking for a barefoot boom for my 1985 s&s to help teach my girls to ski. I would perfer to buy used, anyone have one they'd like to part with? I'm located in Door County, WI
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  • WTB Stars and Stripes / skier 19 / Pro Star 190 25th Anniversary / question


    Long time non member / reader, first time member / poster (Located in central IN). Very much looking to buy an 'original' (pre 86) Stars and Stripes (preferably red or blue, but green *might* be considered), but a question on that: I've searched high and low and cannot find any definitive...
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  • Sborkovetz
    started a topic 1985 skier questions

    1985 skier questions

    I bought a 1985 mastercraft stars and stripes last year and i have a few questions about it:

    I am pretty sure that the alternator is not a marine version. I have an original alternator i picked up, but it is unteasted and may need a rebuild. Is it worth rebuilding an original?
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  • 1982 Star Boat Parts & Hull/Trailer

    Parting out 1982 Star Boat with redone stringers. Hull is pretty rough with holes from wakeboard tower etc. Trailer seems OK but could use a resto.

    Hull had been stripped of parts at this point but have the following parts available:

    1982 Boat Hull $500 includes steering,...
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  • 1998 MasterCraft 30th Anniversary Edition PS190 Stars and Stripes

    Picture yourself on the lake in this MC Special Edition classic! ASKING $19,500

    ONE of a KIND and hard to find. (5 Stars vs. 3 Stars)

    Fiberglass inserts on the back and new rudder with the wings for flatter wake

    Mint Condition Collectible (521 Hours)...
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  • augtober154
    started a topic '82 MasterCraft Stars and Stripes

    '82 MasterCraft Stars and Stripes

    Many parts replaced
    Front and rear seals replaced
    Needs interior work
    Only 218 hours
    Includes original owners manual and paperwork
    1 year old cover
    Powerslot transmission

    Only $4000 obo cash

    Email: [email protected]
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  • 1982 MasterCraft Stars and Stripes LOW HOURS

    Only 217 hours
    Powerslot transmission with larger prop and ratio
    Runs well
    Interior original and not perfect
    Includes original paperwork including MasterCraft Stars key chain and even the padded owner's manual

    Only $5500 obo cash!

    Call or text 414-412-5517...
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  • nickw0804
    started a topic New to me 1983

    New to me 1983

    Purchased this a few weeks ago. 1130 hours, interior above average for 35+ years with a recently rebuilt carb. We've taken 'er out every Sat/Sun since purchase but have had issues starting. I need to trace wiring, check connections (corrosion, etc.), test coil, plugs, points, timing...all the goodies....
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  • rockets2009
    started a topic 1984 Stars & Stripes Seats rebuild

    1984 Stars & Stripes Seats rebuild

    I am currently rebuilding the seats in my 1984 Stars & Stripes. Some of the wood within the seats is rotting and I'm just rebuilding all of them while I have the boat torn apart. The boat never had a back seat, I'm wondering if anyone has a guide to rebuilding the seats? Any wisdom and knowledge...
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  • Speedometers - 1985 Stars and Stripes

    Hi Everyone!
    I am new here, so hello.

    I am refurbing a 1985 Mastercraft Stars & Stripes.
    The spedometers do not work.

    Does anyone know where to get replacements that can work with the dashboard?

    Any help or direction greatly appreciated!...
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  • Dan K
    started a topic 1981 Stars and Stripes

    1981 Stars and Stripes

    1981 Mastercraft Stars and Stripes, 351 Windsor Motor, Powerslot transmission $5,200
    I am the second owner of this classic boat, I bought it from a friend about 18 years ago. It has served our family very well and it is time for the next adventure in its’ life. There are 1050 hours on the...
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  • 1979 Stars and Stripes engine work

    My '79 Stars and Stripes ran pretty good last season until the last time out. While footing under full throttle I lost power, and developed what sounds like a top end knock, definitely not a rod knock though. The motor hasn't been touched since '88, so I'm thinking about pulling it and tearing the top...
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  • Czechmate
    started a topic 1984 Stars and Stripes and 1983 S&S

    1984 Stars and Stripes and 1983 S&S

    Lets get to it.

    So this post will be temporarily without photos aside from three (1st is 1984, 2nd&3rd are of the 1983), until I have the opportunity to post some more, but I will provide a link to a video walk around.
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