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  • Bill
    started a topic ProStar 205 Mystery Electrical Problem

    ProStar 205 Mystery Electrical Problem

    Tried to get on the water for the first time this year. Tried to start and nothing. There is no power to anything, except the oil and temp gages which move but do not register. I can also hear the fuel pump. No blower, no radio, does not crank. Thought it might be a poor ground as the negative terminal...
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  • c4.rice
    started a topic Hot Start Issue

    Hot Start Issue

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  • cmorgan90
    started a topic ProStar 205 Fuel Pump

    ProStar 205 Fuel Pump


    I have a 1997 ProStar 205 with the 275HP Indmar 350 (Model 051046SR). Occasionally, after running the boat for some time it will not restart if I allow it to set for 15-20 minutes. I have never had it quit running on me, nor have I had it fail to start after a short time...
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  • ltreece
    started a topic Maristar 230 won't crank

    Maristar 230 won't crank

    I bought a 2002 Maristar 230 last weekend from a friend. It has been sitting for 3 years and only cranked once 2 years ago when it was winterized. It had bad gas in it and we drained it all out and replaced it with ethanol free gas. We also put injector cleaner in the gas tank. We also changed out...
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  • HELP- No power to fuel pump relay 94 PS205 350

    Please help! I recently had a problem where my engine on my 94 ProStar 205 with 5.7L TBI wouldn't start back up after about an hour of running. Checked on it the next day, and it fired right up. The next afternoon, when pulling some kids it died again. Fuel pump wasn't coming on, not even to prime...
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