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  • Keith_Hairston
    started a topic Steering Cable 2013 X-30

    Steering Cable 2013 X-30

    Anyone have experience with replacing the steering cable on a 2013 X-30, tips/tricks? My steering was fine hen I put the boat in the water for the first time Saturday morning but by the time we were leaving I could barely steer, I assume the cable is bad. Also, where can I buy a replacement? The...
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  • H2Oski17
    started a topic WTB 93-95 ProStar 205

    WTB 93-95 ProStar 205

    (First post, longtime reader)
    After having owned several ski boats (normal progression...Glastron trihull w OB motor, SkiBrendella, Malibu ResponseLX).....time has come (I.e. wife and family dictate) that we need an open bow with walkthru. We are a SKI family (not wakeboard) and...
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  • LWJason
    started a topic 1995 Prostar 190 Steering Helm

    1995 Prostar 190 Steering Helm

    Boat went in the shop for a steering cable change, and come to find out that the bearing in the helm is bad. The shop said this may become an immediate issue, or I may get a few more years before it goes. When trying to find a new part, it has been really difficult to find a replacement that fits...
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  • pornstar190
    started a topic 1990 pro star steering.

    1990 pro star steering.

    Does anyone know a website or anywhere I can get a new throttle for my 1990 pro star 190?
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  • Whalenjf
    started a topic Teleflex Big T Helm

    Teleflex Big T Helm

    Hey guys, I was out on the lake Sunday and I developed a huge delay when steering left, felt like a gear in the helm was slipping or the cable wasn't grabbing inside the helm. No issue turning right, but I had to turn it back the same amount that it slipped going left first. I took the helm out to inspect...
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  • RWojo
    started a topic Reverse and pulling onto a lift

    Reverse and pulling onto a lift

    Would welcome any pointers on pulling into a tight slip to get back on the dock lift and reverse in general. Much appreciated.
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  • jacobpatton75
    started a topic Hydraulic Steering

    Hydraulic Steering

    How big of a difference does this option make? I currently have the box checked but wondering if i should save the 1,820 option.
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  • jdixonm
    started a topic Tight Steering X5

    Tight Steering X5

    Hi fellow Master Crafters.

    This past season something went weird on the steering of my 2000 Mastercraft X5. Its so hard to turn it literally takes 2 hands to turn the wheel both while idle and while moving.

    Anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this? Do I need a new...
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  • Sharobike
    started a topic hard steering left under power

    hard steering left under power

    my 95 maristar 200vrs is very hard to turn left under any power. ive replaced the steering cables this summer. i am now wondering if the rudder is bent? any advice would help!
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  • danno85
    started a topic 92' Barefoot 200 Loose Steering

    92' Barefoot 200 Loose Steering


    I just picked up a '92 Barefoot 200 and found that the steering wheel fits pretty sloppy on the shaft. I took off the steering wheel and found the plastic bushing inside to be pretty worn.

    Does anyone know the part number for this? Or where I can find an exploded...
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  • charly
    started a topic Steering cable length for X-Star 2005

    Steering cable length for X-Star 2005

    Hi gents,

    Need to change my steering cable on my X-star 2005. So I have been in touch with Skidim and they say it should be a 19ft cable. Try to look at the cable on the boat but didn t find any inscription / ID mentioning the length.
    I had a deep look in this forum, only...
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  • sheyski
    started a topic 1994 Prostar 205 Questions

    1994 Prostar 205 Questions

    I was trying to pull an ATB act this weekend (Ski around the boat) and realized I have really tight steering. A few other drivers pointed out that I should be able to turn the steering wheel with 1 finger and it's taking me both hands to crank it around. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Does something...
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  • ACM197
    Guest started a topic 2006 Pro Star 197 "Swimming" tracking issues at higher speeds

    2006 Pro Star 197 "Swimming" tracking issues at higher speeds

    On my 2006 197; MCX w/ 1:1 and ACME prop, at higher speeds and flat water, it slowly starts to drift/swim/float a little to the right and left when pulling a footer. This problem is intermittent--not sure if it has something to do with the slow current and angle of attack, or a possible bent rudder?...
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  • Shontsy
    Guest started a topic Steering Stiff AND Not Stiff. What?!

    Steering Stiff AND Not Stiff. What?!

    OK, I've tried to do some research here on "stiff" steering, and everyone that had stiff steering in the past seems to have had a cable issue. And, their steering is usually stiff at ALL times.

    But I've got something different going on. The steering on this 1983 S&S I'm...
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  • Too much play in steering wheel...steering wheel upside down

    My x15's steering has too much play in it...also when driving straight, the steering wheel is upside down. Is this an easy fix on both? Will all this steering play lead to something more dangerous? thanks
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