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  • 38off
    started a topic 1998 Mastercraft Prostar 190 $12,500

    1998 Mastercraft Prostar 190 $12,500

    1998 Mastercraft ProStar 190
    Mastercraft Prostar 190 1998 Good condition could use some interior work Low hours Only used a few time the last couple of years. New battery starts up but will need a tuneup comes with 2 covers life vests Bimini top. Trailer in ok shape no brakes new tires. Lowest...
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  • flaskier
    started a topic Adding Stereo to 2017 Prostar

    Adding Stereo to 2017 Prostar

    Has anyone added a subwoofer to their 2017 or recent Prostar, and if so, where was the sub placed? Is it necessary to get good sound?
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  • dpb185
    started a topic Old Clarion Remote in 2000 Prostar

    Old Clarion Remote in 2000 Prostar

    Has anyone removed one of these in a 2000-ish Prostar ?

    I've found some conflicting information about this, it sounds like I might have to remove the side panel. However, there are 2 screws in the wood insert and I'm wondering if removing them will allow access to the...
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  • 2021 Dual Dash with Premium Plus - My Opinion


    There seems to be a lot of hand-wringing regarding the MasterCraft/Klipsch stereo systems, specifically the total volume and subwoofer output. Now I'll certainly admit that I don't have experience with other marine audio systems, nor do I have experience with MasterCraft/Klipsch...
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  • FS: Fusion MS-BT200 Bluetooth Audio Receiver

    The Item has been sold
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  • FS: Klipsch T85 Tower Speakers + Inboat Speakers, Subs, Amps

    We upgraded the factory speakers from our 50th anniversary X-Star which was outfitted by an exclusive partnership with Klipsch. All in perfect working order. Currently being stored at our home indoors.

    8.5" Klipsch inboat speakers $$sold$$for the set
    2, 7"...
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  • 2006 Mastercraft X2 Restoration and Upgrade

    Guys, This year we have a Mastercraft X2 in our shop we will be redoing, wanted to create a thread to help anyone else that may be tackling a similar project. For us we will be:
    1. Removing, redoing, and reinstalling the interior
    2. Upgrading the stereo for bluetooth
    3. Underwater Lights
    4. Removing
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  • Perks41
    started a topic 2007 xstar low voltage alarm

    2007 xstar low voltage alarm

    hey guys, wondering if anyone can help, ive got an 07 xstar and I had a low voltage alarm come on and the stereo cut out, ive managed to put another fully charged and working battery in which I have used and started the boat on and off for a whole day but the low voltage alarm doesn't seem to clear,...
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  • Infinity 612M 6.5" Marine Speakers

    I have 4 Infinity Reference 612m marine speakers for sale. they work perfectly and are in great condition. From what I can tell these are fairly well-regarded, good quality marine speakers.

    $150 + shipping for all 4, or make an offer.

    For more info on the speakers check...
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  • rchorse37
    started a topic 2004 Prostar 190 stereo help

    2004 Prostar 190 stereo help

    Our prostar didn’t come with a stereo, so I’m looking to install a headunit and 4 speakers for now (amp to follow), but I’m struggling to figure out how to wire the headunit. I’ve read that even though my boat didn’t come with a stereo, the wiring should be still be there. Can anyone point...
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  • Clarion CMD5, CMRC1 Remote and Wetsounds BT Volume Controller

    ***ALL ITEMS SOLD***

    Remote is sold, but I still have a Clarion CMD5 for sale. Additionally, I have a brand new, never opened Wetsounds WW-BT-VC Bluetooth receiver with volume control. I also have an old EQ that I’ll throw in. The EQ is made by Audio Control and I think it works but no...
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  • grantman
    started a topic Batteries for a big stereo setup

    Batteries for a big stereo setup

    Currently I have an 2014 x30 with 4 rev 10's. 8 stock cabin speakers, and dual 10" subs in a custom enclosure. All is powered by 4 ARC audio amps. The previous owner did this sweet stereo setup. He installed it with 5 6v deep cycle batteries. Are all of these batteries necessary for this setup?...
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  • Cutting into fiberglass for subwoofer

    I talked to a stereo shop about installing a sub and amp into my boat. They gave me 3 options.
    1. Put a sub under the passenger side storage, beneath the amps, and leave it sealed.
    2. Same location as above, but they would cut a piece of the boat out, near the bottom of the walk through...
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  • Klipsch
    started a topic Ask Klipsch

    Ask Klipsch

    Since the launch of the new 2018 MasterCraft models, we have been closely monitoring the Team Talk forum for feedback on the system and to find out what questions are being asked that we can answer. The goal of this thread is to become a repository of Questions and Answers for the Klipsch MasterCraft...
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  • 2000 X-Star - Can I upgrade the cockpits to 7.7" Coaxials?

    My 2000 X-Star cockpit speakers are finally getting tossed.

    I need a new amp as well, so I wondered if, since I'm replacing the entire setup, that I can fit 7.7" cockpit speakers instead of the OEM 6.5" ones? Im curious if theres enough space to fit them in the rear without touching...
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