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  • Please help!... Improperly stored, beautiful 2011 x25

    No, not stored poorly on purpose... the place I pay to store my boat "forgot" about it, left it outside and with only my mooring cover loosely on.

    I'm devastated, this boat was the only nice thing I own.

    So - backstory:
    1- Paid for winterization and full...
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  • Dillongoetz35
    started a topic 2000 X Star Storage

    2000 X Star Storage

    I have a 2000 X Star and with the family and friends all picking different activities I'm split with how to store everything. I currently have 1 kneeboard, 2 wakebaords, 2 water skis, and 1 wake surf. I'm currently storing my two skis under the seat cushions in the cabin (slightly poking through into...
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  • drx35
    started a topic Dock slip extension

    Dock slip extension

    We have an X24 with a 24’ slip so everyone already knows my problem... Yes the *** hangs out past the roofline about a foot or more. Not really much of a problem with sun damage as it is on the east side and doesn’t get afternoon sun and we have the swim platform cover which is very nice. When...
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  • Vann
    started a topic Long-term storage advice

    Long-term storage advice

    I'm looking for some advice on long term storage of my 08 CSX 220 Saltwater Series. I'm in the military and just got orders to Japan. for 3 years. I know the smart thing to do would be to sell, but here in Hawaii inboards aren't that popular and honestly I just would rather keep it (military is going...
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  • GoSteelers
    started a topic 94 Prostar 205 Cover

    94 Prostar 205 Cover

    Any suggestions out there for a good cover for a 94 Prostar 205? I would love to find one that clips onto the rub rail if they are out there.
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  • wilkiesc
    started a topic Boat lift help

    Boat lift help

    Hoping to get a basis of what to expect to pay for a shore mate used boat lift, install and potentially winter storage. My family just got a place in northern Indiana and although I'm a fairly seasoned boat owner (end of 4th summer at age 27) I'm new to the lift game. Best brands? Can I move and install...
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  • 2000 X-Star in storage for 3 years - Checklist before taking it out?

    I have a 2000 X-Star with pretty low hours on it (<300) that has been sitting parked since the summer of 2014 (paved outdoor spot, boat covered). The interior has been cleaned each summer, but it hasn't been on the water.

    I'd like to use it for an upcoming trip, but I'm finding it...
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  • RJR1973
    started a topic Pivot Tandem Trailer in Garage

    Pivot Tandem Trailer in Garage

    New to Mastercraft boat ownership and this forum.

    Any ideas on easy way to pivot a tandem trailer once in the garage? I can get the boat backed into a 2 stall garage, but it is too long, even with swing away hitch. I have to disconnect an push the tongue to rotate the boat...
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  • stig
    started a topic Widening of Garage

    Widening of Garage

    Figured storage would be the place for this post.

    Anyone widened their garage door to fit their boat on here? Apparently the local code guy thinks he's got a right to tell me what I can and cannot have on my property and a boat is not one of them.

    I've measured the trailer...
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  • Bubbacuse77
    started a topic Show your ski and board storage ideas

    Show your ski and board storage ideas

    Guys, I couldn't find a thread on this yet and I wanted to see how everyone stores their gear out of the boat.
    A ski locker if you will...

    Here is something I welded up this weekend. I can reach everything while standing in the boat in the garage. This way we just grab what...
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  • Inside storage or shrink wrap & outside storage?

    So I went for the X10 this year knowing it wouldn't fit into my garage. I need to finalize my plans for this winter.

    Option 1 - Store it inside in a secure building without climate control using the standard cover. This option will cost roughly $650.

    Option 2 - Shrink...
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  • X-15 or 215 OEM Mooring Cover FS - Black

    SOLD! Brand new, OEM black cover with tower cut-outs. P/N 483837SB. Includes the anti-pooling poles. Still in the factory packaging. $325 plus shipping to you.
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  • What do you do for a cooler in you X Star? I have a 2010 for instance

    I'm not sure if there's no stern cooler because I have the Heaters, or if the Star just doesnt have them? My friend has an X45 and that cooler in the port middle seat is very nice..

    What alternatives are you guys doing? Any cooler rec's?
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  • mpslakept
    started a topic ski and wakeboard storage in a 197

    ski and wakeboard storage in a 197

    curious if it is possible to fit a wakeboard and slalom ski together in the rear storage of a 197? How about under the passenger seat wing? What are you owners able to fit there?

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  • Chitown
    started a topic First year winter storage

    First year winter storage

    My first year as a MC owner. I'm having the dealer winterize and store for me. Question- should I pay the extra bucks for heated storage vs. non-heated but indoor storage? I'm in the Chicago area. Be interested in your advice.
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