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    started a topic 2014 X2 Gen1 Surf System Set Up

    2014 X2 Gen1 Surf System Set Up

    Hi all, I have a 2014 X2 with Gen1 surf tabs and stock hard tank ballast. I am not pro nor do I need anything crazy but I do want a nice clean easy surf wave. I know Gen2 would do the trick but cant afford it right now.

    Therefore I have a few questions if anyone can help:

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  • Kbrouder
    started a topic NXT 20 Surf Settings (710 bags)

    NXT 20 Surf Settings (710 bags)

    I know there are a few old threads on this, but I thought it best to start a new one specifically with the 710 rear locker bags, and I have pictures I didnt want to get lost at the end of a thread.

    Not sure if anyone can provide feedback from just pictures, but I just installed the 710...
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  • aminetree
    started a topic 2011 X-35 Surfing

    2011 X-35 Surfing

    Looking for the best way to setup my newly acquired 2011 X-35 for wake surfing. After a little reading I've come down to the following:
    Go Surf Assist Kit: $4000
    Brackets for Swim Platform: $600
    Piggy back Rear 820 Ballast $620
    Is there a better way? Any...
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  • Black'nGreen
    Guest started a topic XT21 Surf Setup

    XT21 Surf Setup

    Looking for advice from anyone that has dialed in their XT21. We just got ours and are looking to fine tune the surf wake. We have 400 lbs of lead bags and the stock plug n play bags in the rear lockers. Engine is the GDI 6000. We usually have 3 adults in the boat while pulling the rider. Thanks...
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  • Canadianwake
    started a topic 04 x2 surf wake

    04 x2 surf wake

    I have seen some of these threads before but I am still having problems.
    I have an 04 x2 and I cannot figure out the surf wake yet. Right now it has stock ballast and I have two 350lbs bags and a 400lbs bag. I have tried throwing around the bags in different spots but I still cannot get a surf....
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  • Surf tabs conversion/upgrade on 2013 MCx55

    Looking to get more into surfing and add surf tabs-- my boat has the buttons on and off the touchscreen to deploy surf tabs-- the original owner just didn't opt to have them installed. Soo.. I call mastercraft, and ultimately they are telling me it can't be done, don't do it. I've read threads of a...
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  • ZColgrove
    started a topic 2012 X25 Hardtank options

    2012 X25 Hardtank options

    In my 2012 X25, stock ballast in not satisfactory or near it. I want to add around 1000lbs to each back corner pocket (they aren't being used anyways). I looked at fat sacks, but the back compartments are a pain in the *** to open and close all the time, and we are split between goofy and regular surfers...
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  • nolanriley
    started a topic HELP 2014 Mastercraft X-55

    HELP 2014 Mastercraft X-55

    I have recently purchased a 2014 mastercraft x55 fully loaded bow thrusters and all. We previously had a 2007 X45 and we were so excited about getting the X55. We are all quite good surfers and I don't know our problem, but no one on this boat can surf behind it. We have tried factory weighting with...
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  • ssnaples
    started a topic Wake Gate - Wake Enhancement

    Wake Gate - Wake Enhancement

    I have 2007 Mastercraft X2 with the current ballast setup:

    Front: 400lbs. stock + 500lbs. lead weight = 900lbs.
    Port - Rear: 250lbs. stock + 455lbs. piggy back sack = 705 lbs.
    Starboard - Rear: 250lbs. stock + 455lbs. piggy back sack = 705 lbs.
    Total Weight: 2,310...
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